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    What changes can Pick and Scan make?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Voyager
    • Product Version: 9


    What kinds of changes can Pick and Scan make?


    Pick and Scan was first released in Voyager 5.  Since it was first released, numerous improvements have been made.

    Pick and Scan can make changes to most parts of an item record and some parts of associated mfhd and bib records. Functions in Pick and Scan by version (cumulative):

    Voyager 2001.1 and higher
    • Change the Permanent Location in an item or the item and the holding record
    • Change the Item Type of an item record
    • Change or clear the Temporary Item Type, Temporary Location, Statistical Category or non system-supplied Item Status of item records
    • Delete item records

    Item barcodes can be used to identify records for changes.

    Voyager 7.0.1 and higher
    • Suppress bib and/or holdings records
    Voyager 9.0.0 and higher
    • Clear, add to or replace Free Text in an item record
    • Change or reset copy number, pieces or item price for an item record
    • Add or remove selected item statuses or item statistical categories
    • Execute changes for all items on a holdings or bib record
    • Delete empty holdings and empty bibs after deleting items
    • Update the MFHD 852 subfield k
    • Preview changes before they are made
    • Log all Pick and Scan changes on the server
    • Create a local log of problem records
    • Create a local log of OCLC numbers for deleted or suppressed bib records
    • Manage the Pick and Scan server logs from the Voyager client

    Record ID (item_id, mfhd_id, bib_id) can be used to identify records for changes, in addition to item_barcode.

    Additional Information

    Pick and Scan can be used in the Cataloging or Circulation modules.

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