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    When installing ODBC Drivers the "Build database links to Voyager" step fails with "Process stopped too many errors! (6)"

    • Product: Voyager
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Multi-Tenant Direct, Dedicated-Direct, Local, TotalCare



    In ODBC drivers when linking tables the "Build database links to Voyager" step fails with "Process stopped too many errors! (6)":

    ACCESS_GROUP error!
    ACCESS_GROUP_IP error!
    Process stopped too many errors! (6)


    Check to make sure you are entering the correct parameters according to the relevant step in the installation documentation.  Ensure you are using the correct user ID and Password, and that the Tablespace Name is correct and in ALL CAPS (see following screenshot examples).


    Build database links step fails with too many errors. Note Tablespace Name is not in ALL CAPS (your Tablespace Name will be different than the example that follows):



    Note Tablespace Name is in ALL CAPS:



    If you continue to encounter errors, please open a Case with Voyager Support.  A refresh may need to be run on the Read-Only user.

    Additional Information

    Building database links to tables will abort after 6 failures.  When the first six tables fail to link as in this example, often the problem is with the User ID/Password or the Tablespace Name being incorrectly entered.

    If some tables link successfully and others do not, then there is a different issue.  In that situation, double-check that the Reports.MDB file that you are using is for the correct version of Voyager you are running and that it is not corrupt and that it resides on the local C: drive and not a network drive (nor your desktop).  Try using a different (fresh) MDB file if available or contact Support for a fresh file.  For more information see: When installing ODBC Drivers the "Build Database links to Voyager" step links some tables successfully but other tables do not link


    • Article last edited:19-Dec-2019