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    Potential Differences Between Preview and Production Environments

    • Product: campusM
    • Operating system: iOS, Android, Web


    The Preview Environment is designed to provide a campusM experience that is as close as possible to your Production Environment, and will be on the next month’s release code. This will enable you to accurately preview the forthcoming release before it is available to your Production Environment.

    There are three potential scenarios that may affect your Preview Environment access and experience:

    SSO Authentication:

    If your Production Environment is configured for SSO login and you are unable to access the Preview Environment, then this is likely to be due to the metadata exchange not having been completed.

    You will have received an email and Salesforce ticket to arrange for the metadata exchange to enable trust between the new campusM Preview environment and your Identity Provider (IDP). This exchange will need to take place before you can gain access to the preview environment.

    Please check on the status of the Salesforce ticket and update as required.

    Changes in appearance of Homescreen

    Customers who have yet to migrate to the Personalization Enabled homescreen within the Production Environment will likely see some differences in the look and appearance between the Preview and Production Homescreen. This is a result of a number of custom CSS elements being depreciated and moved into the Tile Style properties within App Builder.

    Please view the Release Notes for March 2018 to see the additional Tile Style properties available to reconfigure the homescreen of your Preview Environment.

    Native App Build Properties

    We have developed an automated build mechanism to enable us to create the Preview Environment Apps and publish them to HockeyApp ready for you to download. As part of this process, a number of the build configuration elements have been scripted. This may result in some differences between the Production and Preview Environment apps. Discrepancies may manifest in the following elements being different:

    • Changes to icons/ app name
    • Default distance unit, date and time format


    Unavailable Integration:

    Please note that some of the vendors are limiting the number of callback URLs, in this case only the production URL will be configured meaning the services won't be available through the preview environment (for example Canvas, Office0365).

    If you notice any differences in the above between Preview and Production apps then please log this within a Salesforce ticket and they will be rectified.

    If you notice any other discrepancies or issues with your Preview Environment then please log these in a Salesforce ticket, choosing the Preview Environment from the dropdown against the Affected Environment and providing us with the details of the behavior expected vs actual.

    Click here to visit our article on the Preview Environment to find out more.


    • Article last edited: 26-Mar-2018
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