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    The following terms appear in the App Manager or this document.
    Term Definition
    Administrator A user of the App Manager who manages other App Manager users (has add/change/delete user permissions).
    AEK 1.0 Deprecated; see AEK 2.0.
    AEK 2.0 See Application Extension Kit (AEK).
    AEK Screen A page in an AEK-powered integration service. The screen can also incorporate other services, such as static content services.
    Alert See notification.
    Alert Group A notification type, to which you can add/remove end-users or end-users can add/remove themselves. End-users in the alert group receive notifications associated with the group.
    App An application for a device, and/or a web portal, which provides staff and students personalized access to university/HE services and information. You create an app using the App Manager.
    App Builder An area within the App Manager that is used to configure an app and its services.
    App Environment When your institution creates/manages multiple apps, the app environment within the App Manager indicates on which app you are currently working.
    App Manager A web-based tool in which you build and configure the app and its services. You also push the app to end-user devices and the web portal and can manage end-users and monitor app usage.
    App Profile An app feature that provides a means of grouping end-users into types, such as first-year or graduate students, staff, and so forth, to modify the end-user experience for each type. Also known as profiles.
    App Role An app feature that enables or restricts certain app features or services for specific end-users. When permitted, an end-user can switch between app profiles in the app but cannot switch his or her app roles.
    Application Extension Kit (AEK) A web-based software development framework that enables you to create integration services. Contains AEK screens.
    Asset Manager An App Manager feature that enables you to upload and manage files.
    Banner Service A service that presents an image marquee. The images can link to another service or URL.
    Basic Service A non-functional service that presents a static tile. This tile may link to another service or to a URL.
    Content What a service, other than a basic service, displays to the end-user. Most static content is managed in the Content Menu. Dynamic content is either the result of an RSS feed in a feed service, or a marquee of images in a banner service, or is displayed by an integration service.
    Content Menu An area within the App Manager that is used to configure static content, mostly (but not only) for static content services.
    Customer Role When an end-user registers using an authentication system that relies on an institution backend system, the backend system sends codes indicating the app roles to assign to the end-user. Customer roles is an internal App Manager feature that maps these codes to app roles.
    Email Parameter Dynamic variables you can configure (with Ex Libris' help) in emails that are sent to end-users.
    End-user A person who uses an app that was developed by the App Manager user(s). End-users access the app using a mobile device or through a web portal using a browser.
    Dynamic Tile A tile for an integration service, where the tile itself displays dynamic content. Note that, while tiles for feed services and banner services also display dynamic content, they are not referred to when using this term.
    Feed Service A service that provides dynamic syndicated content from one or more RSS feeds.
    Fixed Tile A tile for any service, where the tile itself displays fixed content. This is the default for all tiles other than feed and banner services.
    Insight Analytics An area within the App Manager for viewing statistics about app usage across all platforms.
    Integration Service A service, other than a feed or banner service which provides dynamic content and is built using the Application Extension Kit (AEK).
    Language Pack A set of labels in one language for all menu items and header texts (but not static content) for use in an app profile. Language packs must be developed and installed in coordination with Ex Libris.
    Location An area on an online map, associated with some services. Also known as a position.
    Menu Option Static content services that appear in the main area of the app.
    Module A loose term to refer to the main areas of the App Manager. Each module is accessed through a tile on the home page of the App Manager.
    Notification A message sent by a user to one or more end-users. Notifications are associated with an alert group and displayed to end-users who are associated with that group. Also known as alerts.
    Permissions An App Manager feature that enables/disables users from performing specific tasks in the App manager. Also known as user permissions.
    Person Role An app role assigned to a specific end-user.
    Pocket Guide See static content service.
    Position See location.
    Preview Environment A private environment that runs next month’s release code of the app, enabling you to accurately preview a forthcoming release.
    Production Environment The live, public version of the app.
    Profile See app profile.
    Profile Group Profiles are grouped into profile groups. When an end-user accesses an app, he or she selects the relevant profile group. After logging in, the end-user has access to only the profiles in that profile group (and that are authorized for that end-user).
    Really Simple Syndication (RSS) A type of web feed that provides dynamic access to online content in a standardized, computer-readable format. Used by feed services.
    Sandbox Environment A private environment that runs this month's release of the app, enabling you to test any changes before releasing them to the Production environment.
    Service The primary features provided by your app, either banner, basic, feed, integration, or static content. Services appear as tiles in the main area of the app.
    Static Content Service A service that presents a menu of static content. Each option in the menu is a) a sub-menu, b) a link to another service or URL, or c) a static page of information. These are also known as pocket guides.
    User A person who uses the App Manager to develop an app. Also see Administrator and End-user.
    User Group An App Manager feature used to assign a pre-defined set of permissions to a user. Some user groups are pre-defined by Ex Libris.
    User Permission See Permission.
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