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    General Page Editing Actions

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    The following general actions appear when editing a page.

    The following options appear above the content menu.

    Save CS-Edit-Save.png Save the page and make it available for new logged-in end-users. To make the page available to all end-users, publish the content from App Settings.

    You can also save the page as a template. Select the name and description for the template. The template is saved and now available when creating new pages (you can edit the template's name and description, or delete the template, at a later time; see Creating a Page from a Template).

    Edit Properties CS-Edit-Properties.png Change the page name and description, and/or make the page hidden or viewable.
    Duplicate CS-Edit-Duplicate.png Duplicate a page. This is useful when creating a set of hidden institution template pages and duplicating them for specific purposes.
    Delete CS-Edit-Delete.png Delete a page.

    Display and Preview Menu

    The following display and preview options are available.

    Full Screen CS-Edit-FullScreen.png Change the display to full screen. This removes the content menu, leaving more screen space for page editing.
    Laptop CS-Edit-Laptop.png Change the display to laptop layout to view page responsiveness.
    Tablet CS-Edit-Tablet.png Change the display to tablet layout to view page responsiveness.
    Phone CS-Edit-Phone.png Change the display to phone layout to view page responsiveness. This is the default view.
    Preview CS-Edit-Preview.png Change the display to preview mode. This removes all editing options and displays the page in a virtual phone, tablet, or laptop layout.

    For more information, see How to Preview a Page.

    Editing Menu

    The following edit options are available:

    Show/Hide Borders CS-Edit-Borders.png Display or hide element borders. Showing the borders can be useful to understand the page structure and layout.
    Show HTML/CSS CS-Edit-ShowHTML.png

    Display the page HTML and CSS, enabling you to directly change the markup. A WYSIWYG preview appears on the right.


    Use the options on the top right to change the font size in the editor, change how the editor appears (Theme), hide/display the WYSIWYG pane, enable/disable full screen mode, or download the HTML/CSS in a zip file (Export).

    Import HTML CS-Edit-ImportHTML.png
    Upload a page in HTML format.
    Undo CS-Edit-Undo.png Undo the last page editing action (excluding styling changes).
    Redo CS-Edit-Redo.png Redo the last page editing action (excluding styling changes).
    Clear CS-Edit-Clear.png Clear the entire page contents.
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