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    Creating a New Page

    You can create new pages to provide your end-users with information on events, key contacts, emergency procedures, and more. The simplest way to create a page is to use an out-of-the-box template, which provides a fully-responsive experience. You can start from a predefined template and edit it to your needs.

    To create a new page:
    1. Select any top level menu or sub-menu node from the content menu and select the Add New menu CS-CreatePage-Add.png at the top left.

      The options are as follows:


    2. Select one of the options.

    The new node that you create is created under the menu node that you selected. If you try to create a node under a page or redirect, the new node is instead created under that node's parent menu or sub-menu.

    Creating a Page from a Template

    The easiest option to create a page is to use an existing responsive template. Select a template that looks about right and get straight to work. To start with a blank page, select the Blank Page template, which enables you to design the page from scratch. Regardless of your choice, you can load HTML/CSS (if desired) and fully use the rest of Creative Studio's features.

    To save a page as a template, see Page Menu. To edit the name or description of a user-created template, or to delete it, see below.

    To create a page from a template:
    1. Select Add New > Page. A visual selection of pre-existing templates appears.
      1. Select a template. Note that the templates are organized in tabs and a search option is available on the top right.


        If a template was created by a user (Organisation Templates), you can edit the template's name and description, or delete the template, from this page: hover your mouse over the template and select the edit / delete icon.

    2. When you select a template, a preview pane for the template appears. Enter the page title and description and select Create to start editing the page.


    An end-user opens a page and sees it as you design it in Creative Studio.

    To design the page, see the following additional documentation:

    Creating a Sub-Menu

    An end-user opens a sub-menu and sees options to open other pages or sub-menus.

    To create a sub-menu option:
    1. Select Add New > Menu.
    2. Enter the menu name and description and select Create.


      You can create hidden menus and pages to enable you to edit and design them without the end-user having access to them.

    Creating a Redirect

    An end-user opens a redirect and is redirected either to some other service or to a URL in a web browser. For more information, see Working with App URLs.

    To create a redirect option:
    1. Select Add New > Redirect.
    2. Enter the page name, description, and an app URL and select Create.


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