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    campusM Attendance Overview

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    campusM Attendance enables students to register their attendance to a class using their mobile device or laptop browser after receiving a personalized notification. Attendance is linked to a calendar service that reminds students about upcoming classes.

    Attendance ensures that student check ins are valid in the background while students continue with their studies. This check in can be configured to trigger a variety of validation methods, including self-certification, one-time codes, and GPS. Instructors can also check students in.

    Click here to find out more about the campusM Attendance experience for both students and staff.


    The following prerequisites are required to enable Attendance:

    • Student Personalized Time Table: Your Student Information System must be configured with all class schedule information and integrated with campusM. The information should include the class title, start and end times, and location if using Geolocation as a check-in type. Each class should have a unique EVENT ID. This must be per event, (not per course, series of classes, etc.). The EVENT ID must match the same event on the staff timetable. For more information, see campusM Timetable.
    • Staff Personalized Time Table: This time table must be available to lecturers if you want them to be able to check in students. It must contain the lecturer's class schedule and the list of students for each class. Each event (class) must have a unique EVENT ID. This must be per event, (not per course, series of classes, etc.). For more information, see campusM Timetable.
    • To allow lecturers to check in students, you must configure a student Retrieve Attendees service. For more information, see Retrieve Attendees for Events.
    • If using geolocation, each class location (longitude and latitude) must be configured for all location references in the student and lecturer timetables.


    • Geolocation – A feature that enables checking the physical location of the student.
    • One-Time Code – A code provided to the lecturer for each class. The lecturer gives the code to students who want to check in to the class.
    • Timetable – A class schedule, provided by your Student Information System.
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