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August 2018

New Features 

Repeat Notice: Automated Monthly Releases

As our monthly release process continues to mature, we are looking to move customers to automated monthly releases as early as possible for the campusM Web App (Portal), App Manager and Oracle Business Intelligence, with the goal of migrating all customers to automated monthly releases by October 2018.

This will mean that you and your students will experience the latest available campusM experience with the latest delivered enhancements each month, similar to standard SaaS-based applications. This is done without any downtime or any effort from you, the customer.

We already have a number of customers who are experiencing the benefits of automated monthly releases, and we are looking for customers to adopt this automated release approach as soon as possible. To this end, we are making available support resources for customers who have not upgraded their apps for some time, to support the transition to the personalization-enabled homescreen. If you would like to move to automated releases before October 2018, then please log a Salesforce Ticket with this request.

Please note that the new Preview Environment allows you to preview the release a month before it is available in production, so you can review the enhancements ahead of time and choose which features to utilize and enable, all within an environment very similar to your Production Environment. Automated monthly releases only affect the campusM Web App (Portal), App Manager and Oracle Business Intelligence components.

Native apps and changes to the campusM Connect Layer are still on request.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Monthly Releases, then please log these within Salesforce or contact us directly on our campusM Slack channel:

Around Me

Location category added below the Position listing to enhance search results and giving a clear indication as to why certain Positions associated with more than one Position Category are shown – iOS App only, coming soon to the Android App.

Around me

App Manager Session Timer

To enhance the user experience around the App Manager session timeout, a visible session timer has been added that appears two minutes before the session expires. App Manager users can click the continue button to refresh the session timer. Once the session has timed out, the session timer shows a login button, returning the user to the login prompt.

App Manager Session Expiry Timer

Resolved Issues Edit section

Issue Affected Platform Salesforce
Case Number (s)
  • Apple reject iOS app due to the legacy use of a private API
  • iOS App
  • N/A
  • Navigation issue when selecting profiles after the app manager session has timed out
  • App Manager
  • 00552103
  • App Intro Pages appearing with extremely oversized icons and incorrect font
  • iOS App
  • 00562594
  • BCC Alert messages not being processing correctly
  • App Manager
  • 00546034
  • Incorrect overlap of cross (x) icon placement in Grid View as part of personalization when tile spacing is reduced to zero
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Web App
  • 00533758
  • Changes in one profile to a BANNER tile changes tile layout on other profiles
  • App Manager
  • 00520039
  • 00526268
  • 00557186
  • "Around Me" distances not shown in correct ascending order
  • Android App
  • N/A
  • Inclusion of some special characters in in Alert Group Category causes an error to show
  • App Manager
  • 00508866
  • Military Time (24hr) time format shown in Class Schedule despite end user preferences
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • 00487480
  • 00530047
  • 00542172
  • 00385873
  • The end user text box within the Feedback and Comments (found within App Settings) created an exception when the field size was exceeded
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • 00343603
  • Option to hide text on Feeds tile failed to operate
  • App Manager
  • 00487475
  • 00495322
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