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July 2018

New Features

Monthly Releases: Automated Monthly Releases

As our monthly release process continues to mature, we are looking to move customers to automated monthly releases as early as possible for the campusM Web App (Portal), App Manager and Oracle Business Intelligence, with the goal of migrating all customers to automated monthly releases by October 2018.

This will mean that you and your students will experience the latest available campusM experience with the latest delivered enhancements each month, similar to standard SaaS-based applications. This is done without any downtime or any effort from you, the customer.

We already have a number of customers who are experiencing the benefits of automated monthly releases, and we are looking for customers to adopt this automated release approach as soon as possible. To this end, we are making available support resources for customers who have not upgraded their apps for some time, to support the transition to the personalization-enabled homescreen. If you would like to move to automated releases before October 2018, then please log a Salesforce Ticket with this request.

Please note that the new Preview Environment allows you to preview the release a month before it is available in production, so you can review the enhancements ahead of time and choose which features to utilize and enable, all within an environment very similar to your Production Environment. Automated monthly releases only affect the campusM Web App (Portal), App Manager and Oracle Business Intelligence components. Native apps and changes to the campusM Connect Layer are still on request.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Monthly Releases, then please log these within Salesforce or contact us directly on our campusM Slack channel:

App Builder: Tile Style Changes

Previously, as part of the redevelopment of the campusM homescreen to enable personalization, certain tile style properties were changed or removed. New tile style properties have been added to replace these legacy styles.

Minimum & Maximum Font Size

You can now set the minimum and maximum font size for a label to appear on a tile. This allows customer to define the look and feel of the tiles more rigidly, as the device screen size scales.

Tile Style Font Size

Text Align

You can now set the text alignment for a label on a tile. This can be set to Left, Center or Right hand justified.

Tile Style Text Align

Full Text Overlay

You can now define the shading overlay for labels as they appear over an image. This can be set to gradient overlay, which provides a fade from light to dark semi opaque overlay, providing improved visibility.

Tile Style Text Overlay

Resolved Issues

Issue Affected Platform Salesforce
Case Number (s)
  • Users seeing duplicate events within the Blended Calendar View as part of upgrading their app
  • Android App
  • 00540795
  • 00548649
  • In the blended calendar view, changing the device from 24h to 12h time format corrupts the times listed against each event
  • iOS App
  • 00542172
  • Event times in the calendar shown as decimals rather than as hours and minutes
  • iOS App
  • N/A
  • Some in-app search results link to the parent menu item rather than sub-menu items
  • iOS App
  • 00538957
  • App can crash if searching and then clicking on a menu option or content node within the global app search if these have been configured as a redirect
  • Android App
  • 00538957
  • Duplication of Search Results within the Pocket Guide menu search
  • iOS App
  • 00512510
  • AEK Image Picker Component not working on certain devices
  • Note - this has been hotfixed to June 2018 release as well
  • Android App
  • 00534145
  • 00543003
  • 00547748
  • External link to a PDF is not opening in "View Terms of Use" on first login or from the App Settings
  • Android App
  • 00529703
  • Blank Intro Page shown when only 1 Intro page has been created and configured
  • iOS App
  • N/A
  • Adding an Alert Group to a Category causes a server error
  • App Manager
  • 00508866

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue with event times shown as fractional amounts of the hour rather than hours and minutes format in the details screen of an event.
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