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May 2018


campusM Preview Environment

All customers will gain access to their campusM Preview environment, in addition to their existing Production Environment and Sandbox (Test/Dev/Beta) Environment(s).

The Preview Environment is designed to provide a campusM experience that is as close as possible to customers’ Production Environment and will be on the next month’s release code. This will enable customers to accurately preview the forthcoming release before it is rolled out to their Production Environment.

The campusM Preview Environment is a clone of the Production Environment. A snapshot of your Production Environment is taken just before the release date and migrated to the Preview Environment. Each month the Preview Environment is upgraded, and the codebase updated to the next release as per the Release Schedule.


The Preview Environment shares the same campusM Connect Layer as the Production Environment, ensuring the experience is consistent between the apps. The Preview Environment will be issued each month with a HockeyApp deployment of the Native app and a new instance of the Web App. The Preview Environment will also have a new instance of App Manager that will also reflect the next release.


The Preview Environment will continue to run one release ahead of the Production and Sandbox Environments. As each release is made, the snapshot is retaken, and the codebase advanced to the next release version.

Further information about the campusM Preview Environment can be found here.

App Manager Session Timeout

As a security precaution, a timeout had been added to App Manager. After 20 minutes of inactivity, further usage of the app manager will require re-authentication. (Linked to Salesforce Case: 00496469)

Resolved Issues

Issue Affected Platform Salesforce Case Number(s)
Search results were not being returned for Content Nodes if these were configured as redirects.
  • Web App
  • 00521203
Search results returning non-relevant items.
  • Web App
  • 00496945
Searching for Menu Options which had blank descriptions caused the app to crash.
  • Android App
  • 00516490
Android display issue with locations containing an ampersand (&).
  • Android App
  • N/A
Seat number not being displayed in Exam Timetables.
  • Android App
  • 00518537
Detailed Exception message shown on login failure rather than a more graceful error message.
  • Android App
  • 00496945
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