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January 2019

New Features or Enhancements

Calendar Data Refresh Fix and Enhancement

We have modified the data refresh behavior for the timetable/calendar services to enhance your end users’ experience, whilst at the same time ensuring that the timetable data used to drive campusM Attendance is maintained even when the student doesn’t regularly review their timetable in app.

As of the January 2019 release, the Blended Timetable view will be updated within the campusM app when: 

  • The end user goes into the timetable screen (either blended timetable or the original timetable view) within the app during a session
  • The end user pulls to refresh on the timetable screen in the app
  • The end user goes into the app when the timetable data is considered ‘stale’, i.e. older than 72 hours by default. This default ‘stale’ time can be reduced to 24 hours on request.

iOS App Splash Screen Changes

To enhance performance and improve reliability, we have embedded the loading splash screen within the iOS app build process, rather than as part of the configuration provided through the cloud on initial access. This will speed up initial load times and improve app resiliency in the case of a slow connection.

The splash screen is automatically generated using the app icon.

iOS 12 SDK Update

As of the January 2019 release, all iOS apps are being built using the iOS 12 SDK, to ensure enhanced support for the new iOS devices such as the iOS XS Max.

Resolved Issues

Issues Affected platform Salesforce Case Number(s)
Resolved an issue where there was no padding around the app icon and the menu title within screens such as App Settings in Android. A 5-pixel padding has been added to ensure visual separation.
  • Android App
  • 00622606
Resolved a change in behavior where the timetable data was not automatically updating when entering the timetable screens with blended calendar enabled. See Calendar Refresh Fix and Enhancements item above.
  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • 00607582
  • 00610596
  • 00613588
  • 00617305
  • 00618658
  • 00618863
Resolved and issue where Bin Alerts were not being sent in a timely fashion for local council customers.
  • Platform
  • 00601139
  • 00602039
Added in missing translation keys within the Personalization interface that had resulting in untranslated interface cues.
  • Platform
  • 00554122

With this release, we have removed the ability for customers who have not created and therefore do not have any AEK 1 screens deployed to create new ones. This is in line with our advice that all customers look to migrate to AEK 2, to make the most of the new features offered by this development framework.

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