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    2020 Release Schedule

    Release Schedule

    The campusM Preview Environment will be unavailable 5 days before the Preview Release date, to enable the environment to be cloned and the environment to be updated.

    Monthly Release Preview Release Production Release
    December 2019 04-Nov-19 02-Dec-19
    January 2020 02-Dec-19 06-Jan-20
    February 2020 06-Jan-20 03-Feb-20
    March 2020 03-Feb-20 02-Mar-20
    April 2020 03-Mar-20 05-Apr-20
    May 2020 05-Apr-20 03-May-20
    June 2020 03-May-20 07-Jun-20
    July 2020 07-Jun-20 05-Jul-20
    August 2020 05-Jul-20 02-Aug-20
    September 2020 23-Aug-20 06-Sep-20
    October 2020 06-Sep-20 04-Oct-20
    November 2020 04-Oct-20 01-Nov-20
    December 2020 01-Nov-20 06-Dec-20

    The monthly production release is automatically pushed for the campusM Web App and Web View, App Manager, Cloud Services and Oracle Business intelligence. Customers are still required to request Native App releases through Salesforce.

    Release Timeline

    The campusM solution is updated on a monthly basis. Updates include enhancements or issue fixes in one or more of the products components: App Manager, Native apps, Web Portal, and Web Services.

    In order to minimize disruption for campusM users the release is timed to occur outside of business hours for each region (EMEA, APAC and North America). The release is done gracefully, with no planned downtime or degradation to the service, and takes approximately two hours to complete. The release window for each region are:

    Region Instance Release Window
    North America campusM NA01
    • GMT 09:00 AM to 11:00 AM
    • Australian Central Time 19:30 PM to 21:30 PM
    • Central Time, CT*, CDT 04:00 AM to 0600 AM
    APAC campusM AP01
    • GMT 11:00 AM to 1300 PM
    • Australian Central Time 21:30 PM to 23:30 PM
    • Central Time, CT*, CDT 06:00 AM to 08:00 AM
    EMEA campusM EU01
    • GMT 17:30 PM to 19:30 PM
    • Australian Central Time 04:00 AM to 06:00 AM
    • Central Time, CT*, CDT 12:30 PM to 14:30 PM


    To receive email notification for each of the monthly releases, customers can subscribe to the Ex Libris Status Page by selecting their campusM instance. Emails will be sent when the release work has started and completed. Please note that the status page will also be updated with the monthly release status information.

    The monthly release is provided for the campusM SaaS components and institutions are still required to request Native App releases through Salesforce.

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