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    July 2020

    New Features and Enhancements 

    campusM Attendance Enhancements

    Enabling Different Absence Reason Lists for Students and Lecturer Check-ins (iOS, Android, Web App)

    Following feedback from Attendance customers, we enabled the ability to have different absence reasons used by students and lecturers when checking in.


    Provide the Ability to Sort the Attendee List in Lecturer Check-in by First Name, Last Name and Status (iOS, Android, Web App)

    Following feedback from attendance customers, we enabled the ability to sort the list of students in the lecturer check-in page by first name, last name, or status.


    Extend the Check-in History to 14 Days (iOS, Android, Web App)

    Following feedback from Attendance customers, we extended the check in history for both student and lecturer check-in to 2 weeks (14 days):


    For further information on campusM Attendance, see Managing campusM Attendance.

    Insight Analytics Improvements for Banner Tiles (iOS, Android, Web App) (Ideas Exchange)

    Following requests/votes from customers, we enhanced the ability to understand the volume of clicks on particular banner tiles within Insight Analytics and the Insight API.

    To facilitate this, we added the new Description field to the Banners tile that is used to identify the banner click within insight Analytics, as well as the new Banner Hit Type.


    The new dashboards for reporting on the changes described are not available for the preview release and will only be viewable for the production release in July 2020.

    New Product Integration – Course Evaluation/Surveys Listing (EvaSys) (iOS, Android, Web App)

    We are introducing the new Surveys Product Integration for EvaSys – a widely used course survey and evaluation software solution used in Higher Education. This product integration provides end users with a list of open surveys for them to complete, linking directly to surveys from the app.

    A Live Tile can be configured to provide students with a prompt for the number of open surveys for them to complete, encouraging engagement.

    EvaSys Surveys.png

    As with all Product Integrations, you can configure many elements of the experience.

    For more information on the Surveys product integration, including user experience, configuration, and prerequisite details, see Surveys.

    To find out more about setting up and configuring product integrations, see Managing Product Integrations.

    Product Integration Changes and Enhancements

    Integration with Alma or Voyager Enhancements (iOS, Android, Web App)

    We made several enhancements to the Primo Product Integration with Alma or Voyager as the Library Management System. This includes the addition of in app Primo Search capability (with the ability to select Tabs and Scopes for the search string), alongside a function to add search results to favorites, together with a favorite viewing page within the Library Card for later retrieval.



    Configuration of these elements can be found in the Production Integration page in App Manager.

    For more information concerning the Primo Product Integration including user experience, configuration, and prerequisite, see Primo.

    To find out more about setting up and configuring product integrations, see Managing Product Integrations.

    Add a Default Image to the Greetings Product Integration Live Tile

    Following feedback from customers, we modified the configuration of the Greetings Product Integration to enable you to set a default image, either when no image is returned from the set image API, or if no API is configured. This allow you to provide a more engaging tile without the need for a Web service.

    We also added the ability to define the text and image alignment on the tile:

    Greetings Default Image.png

    Remove link out configuration from Greeting and Weather Product Integrations Following on from last months enhancement for Product Integrations that are Live Tile only, where we enabled you to add an Action URL through the App Builder, similar to all other standard tiles, we have now removed the Link out Configuration from the Product Integration configuration pages.

    Date Filter Removed from the Event Product Integration if All Events Occur on the Same Date

    Following feedback from customers, we enhanced the end user experience by removing the date filter when browsing the list of available event if all events occur on the same date.

    Improved Error Reporting when Importing CSV Files when Populating the Events Product Integration

    We improved the error reporting when App Manager users come to upload their CSV file to populate the Event product integration. This includes coverage of:

    • Missing unique IDs against events
    • Missing title fields against events
    • Missing and/or issues with start and end dates and times and their formatting

    Accessibility Enhancements (Web App)

    We continue to improve the general accessibility of our apps for all users. This includes:

    • Ensuring images across the app interfaces have Alt tags
    • Improve focus for keyboard users on the home page by increasing the pixel width around tiles

    Resolved Issues

    • July 2020 App Manager
      Product Integration - Moodle: Resolved an issue with the field validation when configuring the Link out URL for the Web app where the URL did not match the expected format. Additional valid formats were added.
    • July 2020 iOS App SF: 00813216
      Resolved an issue that prevented customers from linking to product integrations from other tiles and Creative Studio pages using the Action URL picker. HF to June 2020.
    • July 2020 Web App SF: 00718161 00660325
      Resolved an issue that resulted in a 2 second delay in displaying a newly selected profile’s homepage when switching from one profile to another.
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