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    February 2020


    Security Enhancement – Token-based authentication (iOS, Android, Web App)

    As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the general security of campusM, we are implementing a new authentication pattern for our customers who have yet to implement token-based authentication for campusM. By adding an internal campusM Authentication Token we prevent a broad range of attack vectors, which requires no configuration changes from the customer side while being transparent to end users.

    We are implementing this first in the Preview Environment for the February 2020 release and will not migrate this to a live environment until the March 2020 release to give you plenty of time to test the impact on your own environment.

    App Manager – Help and Support Menu (App Manager)

    To provide more direct access to key support and informational resources when using App Manager, we have introduced a Help and Support menu always available in the top right side of the App Manager. This provides access to:

    • App Manager documentation
    • Salesforce to open support tickets
    • campusM release schedule
    • campusM release notes

    App Manager Help and Support

    In addition, we have introduced a number of links to relevant online documentation for specific pages, for example, Attendance. This is indicated by a new Help for This Page link:

    App Manager Help and Support

    campusM Portal – Collapsible Left Sidebar Navigation (SF: 00712820, 00718180) (Web App)

    Building on the success of the campusM Portal View, we have added the ability for customers to enable their end-users to collapse the left side navigation bar to provide more screen space for pages. This also results in the left sidebar collapsing automatically on mobile browsers.

    Collapsible Portal View

    To enable this feature, customers need to enable the Collapsible Sidebar property in the Portal Configuration panel in the App Builder:

    Collapsible Portal Configuration

    campusM Attendance - checkInReport API Enhancement

    To provide enhanced feedback on check-in transactions when using geolocation and/or crowdsource validation, the following additional fields were added to the API response:

    geoDistance xsd:string The distance in meters of the recorded device location from the known position location
    validBeacons xsd:string Comma separated array of beacon IDs (concatenation of UUID, major and minor) of valid beacons captured by the users device for the check-in
    invalidBeacons xsd:string Comma separated array of beacon IDs (concatenation of UUID, major and minor) of invalid beacons captured by the users device for the check-in

    For more information on the API, see Check In Report.

    Resolved Issues

    Issues Affected Platform Salesforce Case Number(s)
    Resolved an issue for customer app manager users with All Permissions enabled that restricted their abilities to create creative studio pages using anything other than institutional templates. This issue is related to the new permissions added in December 2019 release - Creative Studio Editor Permissions. App Manager N/A
    Resolved an issue when importing HTML/CSS into Creative Studio pages that resulted in user defined classes being stripped and replaced with random identifiers. This caused the resulting page to appear incorrectly formatted. App Manager N/A
    Resolved an issue with the Android app where some users were required to perform the pull to refresh action twice in the Blended Calendar to refresh timetable data. A single pull incorrectly resulted in cached timetable data being cleared and displayed a blank timetable on the page. Android App N/A
    Resolved an issue that prevented users from correctly tweeting the Share app link and message defined in the App Manager when sharing the app to Twitter. Web App 00728834
    Resolved an issue that resulted in the App Settings being opened when clicking a campusM App Alert, rather than displaying the selected message in the app. iPad only App 00724789
    Resolved an issue where the Android App was not correctly detecting if location permissions were enabled. The app now checks correctly and prompts the user for geolocation permissions when using location sensitive parts of the app. Android App 00714450
    Resolved an issue where the Alert title for a selected message was not shown in the app header when viewing in the iOS App. The alert title is now shown correctly, making this consistent across the apps. iOS App 00718172
    Resolved an issue for users with screen readers having to tab through all tiles before getting the navigation bar on the home page. A new skip option was enabled that takes the user directly to the home page. iOS App 00707938
    Resolved an issue with inconsistency within the Send Feedback and Report a Problem function within the app settings where the Comment field was not mandatory, allowing users to provide no context for feedback for the problem. iOS App 00718166
    Resolved an issue that resulted in the original profile tiles being initially shown and then disappearing to be replaced by the new profile tiles when switching between SSO profiles. Web App 00660325
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