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    Limiting holds by both patron & item statuses (for paging)

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We're exploring the possibility of setting up a paging service, for items which are available on the shelf.

    We're already using Aleph holds to allow patrons to request items with certain process statuses (such as IP). We have those process statuses set as 'closed stack' in tab15, which has been working very well.

    So, one option is to set tab15 so that designated statuses (e.g., 01) can be requested on the shelf. However, we may want to limit the service to just certain patron statuses, e.g., faculty & grad students. Is there any way make an item status requestable from the shelf, but limit that privilege by patron status?

    By the way, I'm already aware that we could give some patron statuses the ability to place a hold on available items in tab31. But, as I understand it, this would apply to all items statuses, not just designated statuses.

    Also, while we might want to limit the ability to request available items to just a few patron statuses, we would want all patrons to continue to have the ability to place recall requests when those items are on loan.

    So, is it possible to set up hold requests, on available items, to a combination of patron and item statuses? Without restricting the ability to recall those items?

    The possibility of only certain patron statuses being able to place holds on available items with certain item statuses has to do with the interaction of item tab15 col. 8 ("TAB15-SHELF-TYPE") and the patron Z305-HOLD-ON-SHELF.

    Looking at the check_hold_request_g program, I find that the TAB15-SHELF-TYPE takes precedence:

    TAB15-SHELF-TYPE = "U"
    <allow "Request" to display for available item>

    The patron Z305-HOLD-ON-SHELF comes into play only when the TAB15-SHELF-TYPE = "Y" or "R".

    Thus, when you specify in tab15 that a particular item status can be requested when on the shelf, that specification applies to *all* patrons, not just those with Z305-HOLD-ON-SHELF "Y".

    I believe that what you describe would be an enhancement request.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013