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    360 KB: Multiple Providers: Title-Level Linking change to Secure Protocol (HTTPS) -- February 2017-Present

    Which providers' title URLs are switching to Secure Protocol (HTTPS)?

    Several providers are in the process of updating their linking from HTTP to HTTP secure (HTTPS). As the 360 KB receives updated title lists for these providers, we will be switching the title URLs to HTTPS in our Knowledgebase. The table below lists both a) articles we have already published in the Customer Knowledge Center, giving notice of particular provider changes, and b) future title URL changes to HTTPS will be listed in this article.

    Actions you may need to take:

    • Make sure that either the new domain, or new domain, with asterisk before (e.g. *, is included in your proxy configuration by the effective dates below. See Notes for details.
    • If you are a 360 MARC Updates client and have requested the custom specification that adds direct URLs to MARC records, you can expect to see some change records when you get your MARC records after the effective dates below.
    Provider Name Effective Date Notes
    Springer Nature
    February 2017
     June 2017
    360 KB: Knovel databases from provider Knovel: Title-Level Linking change to Secure Protocol (HTTPS) -- effective June 2017
    ProQuest June 2017 360 KB: Databases from provider ProQuest: Title-Level Linking change to Secure Protocol (HTTPS) -- starting June 2017
    Practising Law Institute July 2017 360 KB: Discover PLUS from Practising Law Institute: Title-Level URL Domain Change -- July, 2017
    Microbiology Society October 2017 360 KB: Microbiology Society from provider Microbiology Society: Title-Level Linking change to Secure Protocol (HTTPS) -- October 2017
    Elsevier October 2017
    360 KB: ScienceDirect databases from provider Elsevier: Title-Level Linking change to Secure Protocol (HTTPS) -- October, 2017
    American Medical Association October 2017 360 KB: Databases from American Medical Association: Title-Level URL Domain Change -- October, 2017
    Learning Express October 2017 360 KB: Learning Express E-books and from Learning Express: Title-Level and database Linking-Syntax URL Change -- October, 2017
    SPIE October 2017
    Common Ground November 2017 360 KB: University Press Journals from Common Ground: Title-Level Linking-Syntax URL Change -- November 2017
    National Library of Medicine  November 2017 360 KB: PubMed Central from National Library of Medicine: Title-Level Linking-Syntax URL Change -- November, 2017
    Project Euclid  November 2017 360 KB: Project Euclid databases: Title-Level Linking-Syntax URL Change -- November, 2017
    Taylor & Francis November 2017
    MathSciNet November 2017 360 KB: MathSciNet from American Mathematical Society: Title-Level and Database Level URL Domain Change -- effective November 2017
    Informit November 2017 360 KB: A+ Education and A+ Education (Selective Full Text) from Informit: Title-Level URL Domain Change -- November, 2017
    Salem Press November 2017
    Databases affected: Salem Health (dbid: IHQ), Salem History (dbid: IVI), Salem Literature (dbid: 4NQ), Salem Science (dbid: 5NZ)

    Before November 2017:

    After November 2017:

    Duke University Press November 2017
    American Society of Civil Engineers December 2017

    Databases affected: ASCE Conference Proceedings (dbid RWO), ASCE E-books and Standards (dbid 10E), ASCE Library (dbid RAC), ASCE Online Publications (dbid ALI), Civil Engineering Database (dbid JVO)

    Before December 2017:

    After December 2017:

    SPIE December 2017

    SPIE Digital Library (Books) (dbid FP0)

    Before December 15, 2017:

    After December 15, 2017:

    Mark Allen Group January 2017

    MAG Online Library Complete A-Z (DBID: AAMHT), MAG Online Library Dental Complete  (DBID: ACNIZ), MAG Online Library Health Professionals  (DBID: AFWIA), MAG Online Library Intered  (DBID: -2W), MAG Online Library InteredExtra  (DBID: ACVUA), MAG Online Library Intermid  (DBID: TIM), MAG Online Library Internurse  (DBID: RNU), MAG Online Library Interuk-vet  (DBID: JT~), MAG Online Library MAH Complete  (DBID: L..), Optician   (DBID: ADCQN)

    Before January 2:

    After January 2:

    Credo Reference January 2018

    All Credo Reference databases (See list here)

    Before January 31, 2018: or

    After January 31, 2018:

    IG Publishing January 2018

    All IG Publishing databases (See list here)

    Before January 19, 2018:

    After January 19, 2018:

    Walter de Gruyter January 2018

    All De Gruyter databases

    Before January 2018:

    After January 2018:

    LexisNexis March 2018

    Affected databases:

    Before March 1, 2018:

    After March 1, 2018:

    DB Code Database Name
    LXB LexisLibrary - All Content Sets
    VL4 LexisLibrary - Banking Law
    LBL LexisLibrary - International Legal Content Set
    LBM LexisLibrary - Materials Content Set
    LBC LexisLibrary - UK Cases Content Set
    LBE LexisLibrary - UK Commentary Content Set
    JO6 LexisLibrary - UK Forms & Precedents Set
    LBA LexisLibrary - UK Journals & Bulletins Content Set
    LBB LexisLibrary - UK Legislation Content Set
    LBN LexisLibrary - UK News Content Set
    LBU LexisLibrary - US Law Journals Sub-set
    QLRLL QuickLaw UK
    LexisNexis March 2018

    Affected databases:

    Before March 1, 2018:

    AFter March 1, 2018:

    DB Code Database Name
    LXJ Nexis UK
    LXI Nexis UK (Selected Full Text Only)