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    360 Consortium Edition: Sharing Resources with Member Libraries

    • Product: 360 Consortium Edition

    How do we (a Consortium) share resources with our Member libraries?

    The resources that can be shared out by the Consortium to its Member libraries include databases, contacts, licenses, notes, and 360 Search objects. Member libraries that use 360 Resource Manager can inherit shared databases, contacts, licenses, and notes. Member libraries that use 360 Search can inherit shared databases and 360 Search objects. Member libraries that use neither 360 Resource Manager nor 360 Search will only see and have the ability to inherit shared databases.
    Most of the metadata associated with shared information is inherited by the member library, but only certain items can be edited:
    • For inherited databases, a Member library can edit the following fields (unless you lock the Member library):
      • "Display In" checkboxes
      • Custom URL
      • Library Proxy
      • Custom Database Name
      • Database Description
      • Long Database Description
      • Public Database Note
      • Public Database Note Display
      • Public All Titles Note
      • Public All Titles Note Display
      • Provider-specific ID fields (OCLC, Gale, CSA, Factiva)
  • For inherited contacts, licenses, notes and database titles, a Member library cannot edit any of the information. However, the library can copy the inherited contact, license, or note and make changes to the duplicate.
  • Any resources (contacts, licenses, etc.) attached to a database after the database is shared with Member libraries will not be attached to the databases at the Member libraries. The Member libraries will need to attach the resources manually.
  • You can set one or more Member libraries to automatically accept all resources previously shared to it by the Consortium plus all resources shared in the future. (However, it is possible for a Member library to "uninherit" a resource if they desire.) Contact us with the Support Portal option above and ask for Auto-Accept to be set up for the Member library.
  • After you enter the details area of each of the databases, contacts, licenses, and notes that you want to share with Member libraries, click Sharing in the left-side menu to be presented with the list of Member libraries:
    Click Edit to select the Member libraries for which you would like to share this item:
    The Member libraries can be selected individually by checking the box next to each Member, or select all of the libraries by checking the top box:
    Once you are done with your selections, click Save and a green checkmark will show next to the Member libraries chosen to share this information with the Consortium and the date it was shared:
    Repeat the above steps for each of the contacts, licenses, notes and databases which you want to share with Member libraries. To stop sharing items, follow the same steps but uncheck the boxes next to the Member libraries that were selected to inherit the items.
    Only Member libraries that subscribe to 360 Resource Manager, 360 Counter, or 360 Search can access databases shared by a Consortium that are not full-text. If a Member library does not subscribe to any of those services, the library will only inherit shared databases that are full-text. In the future, if the Member library ever subscribes to one or more of those three services, the non-full-text databases will automatically be inherited.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 20-Feb-2014
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