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    360 Core: Library-Managed Holdings: Creating a New Library-Specific Holdings Database

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    How do I create a new library-specific holdings database?

    These instructions are part of the process of creating and managing a library-specific holdings database, which is explained in full here.
    To create a new library-specific holdings database:
    1. From the Data Management home page, click on the Create New Database button.
      If you can't see a Create New Database button, then your account doesn't have the correct View/Edit permissions for local holdings management.
    2. On the New Library-Specific Database page, enter the appropriate information into the fields provided.
      • Provider is always set to "Library-Specific Holdings"
      • Database Name is the only required field, and can be anything
      • Database Name field has a limit of 200 characters
      • Format allows you to specify whether the new database contains print, online, microform or CD-ROM resources. The default setting is "Online" unless you specify another format
      • Display In boxes checked by default are 360 Core and 360 Link, but you can select or deselect as you desire. If you wish to see this database's contents in Summon, be sure to check the Summon checkbox
      • The database URL for the Default URL field must be properly formatted
    3. When you are finished, click Save to save your changes.
    4. You will be taken to the Database Journal Details screen. From here you can either upload titles or add an individual title.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 15-Dec-2020
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