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    360 Counter: Counter Isn't Ignoring "Totals" Row in a Usage Report

    • Product: 360 Counter

    How do we tell 360 Counter to ignore the 'Totals' row in an uploaded usage report?

    When you upload a usage report into 360 Counter, the system does ignore the Totals row, but only if the row begins with the words "Total for all journals" (without the quotation marks).
    In other words, if the first field in the Totals row does not contain that wording, then 360 Counter may give you a red validation error or it may even treat that row as another journal (called "Total," or whatever is in the first field in the row).
    Serials Solutions designed 360 Counter this way so as to be strictly Project COUNTER-compliant.
    Any publisher/provider that is COUNTER-compliant should be delivering usage reports that have the correct wording in the Totals row.
    If you discover a usage report where 360 Counter has been treating the Totals row as another journal (or giving a validation error on that row), then do the following.
    1. In the original usage report, change the first field in the Totals row to say, "Total for all journals" (without the quotation marks).
    2. Upload the usage report again into 360 Counter (this will overwrite the previous uploaded report).
    3. Contact the publisher/provider to ask them to change their report output to have the correct COUNTER-compliant wording in the Totals row.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
    • Old Article Number: 7164
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