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    360 MARC Updates: Delivery Method for 360 MARC Updates Records

    • Product: 360 MARC Updates

    How will our 360 MARC Updates records be delivered to us?

    Download via FTP Client
    Our standard delivery method is by dedicated FTP server. The files can be 10 to 15 MB in size in some cases, so emailing the records is generally not a good option.
    We give you a folder on our FTP server, along with login and password information, and then email those to you when the files are available.

    While you can use a web browser to get to the folder, we recommend using a dedicated FTP client because they are significantly more reliable than using a browser as an FTP client. There are many free and open source FTP clients available that you may wish to learn more about, such as Filezilla or WinSCP. An FTP browser extension such as FireFTP for Firefox may also be another suitable option.
    Configure your FTP client with the following settings:
    protocol: ftp
    port: 21
    username: <FTP USERNAME>
    password: <FTP PASSWORD>

    FTP Username and password are supplied by ProQuest when your reports folder is created as described above. You can also identify your username and password from the email you receive when your 360 MARC Updates files are available:
    • Your username and password appear in the FTP URL listed in the email. The format of the URL is ftp://[username]:[password]
      • Note that the auto-generated password you receive may display in an incorrect, encoded format.  For example the password "ABC~123" may display incorrectly as "ABC%7E123" (the symbol "~" displays as its encoded version "%7E").  The decoded format ("ABC~123" in our example) is the format you need to use.
        • If you need help decoding your FTP password, use a URL encode/decode site such as's URL Encoder / Decoder form.  On's form, copy and paste your FTP password and click the DECODE button.  Your FTP password will display correctly in the Decoded String field.    
    Note that currently we only deliver MARC records in MARC 8 or UTF-8 encoding.
    Older files are stored for up to a year on our FTP site, and we are able to upload them to the Data on Demand page upon request, if you need a file from a previous month. Unfortunately, we cannot routinely upload older files to Data on Demand.
    Download via Data on Demand page in the Client Center

    Alternatively, Client Center users can download their monthly MARC zip file from the Data on Demand page, found under Business Intelligence Tools. The file is posted here automatically each month, and then replaced with a new file each month. 

    The Data on Demand page will only have the latest month's file and does not include an archive for previous months. Also note that extremely large files might not download successfully from the browser. An FTP client would still need to be used if the file is too large to download from the browser, or to access the archive for previous months. 

    Click here for more information on Data on Demand.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 23-Sep-2021
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