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    360 Resource Manager: Training Webinars

    • Product: 360 Resource Manager

    Do you offer training sessions on how to use 360 Resource Manager?

    On-demand training is readily available through the recorded sessions below.   Click on a topic to open a WebEx page with training sessions on many 360 Services. Find the session you want and click the name to start the session.  Follow along with the presentation slides available below.


    NOTE: Although the training was recorded in the past, 360 Resource Manager has not changed significantly since then. Therefore, the contents of the training continue to be useful.


    Your feedback is always appreciated so that we can continue to meet your training needs in the best way possible; please use the Feedback button in the bottom right corner of the screen.  Thank you!


    Topic Description Duration Presentation Slides

    Adding Cost Data in 360 Resource Manager

    Find the recording on this page.

    This session is for 360 Resource Manager customers who want to learn or refresh their training on how to add costs manually to 360 Resource Manager. We will also discuss how to use the Cost Data Uploader to add costs in bulk to your e-resources. 26 minutes PDF

    Managing Licenses in 360 Resource Manager

    Find the recording on this page.

    Designed for 360 Resource Manager clients currently implementing the ERM, this webinar explores license data population strategies using templates and demonstrates the process of displaying selected license terms of use in the e-Journal Portal.
    33 minutes PDF

    Resource Renewals and Alerts in 360 Resource Manager

    Find the recording on this page.

    Learn how to manage renewals of your e-resource packages in the ERM using the Renewals tool. We'll also explore the Renewal Alerts and how to use them to manage workflow and communication. 35 minutes PDF

    Using Menus to Customize 360RM

    Find the recording on this page.

    Creating the various menus in the ERM is an important factor in ensuring you're capturing the information you want and even to managing the life cycle of your e-resources in the ERM. We'll explore the 6 main menus in the Client Center, and where they appear in the various ERM data repositories. 31 minutes PDF


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