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    How can I ensure that I will be notified if Faculty add items to already completed lists?

    Professors may add items to lists that the library has already completed. Make sure that Alma flags these resources for you by configuring which status to apply to a completed reading list when a new citation is added.

    Go to: Configuration Menu > Leganto > List Management > Course Reserves Automatic Statuses


    Configure the parameter: list_new_citation_in_completed_list


    Change the status to ReadyForProcessing, which will change the reading list status to Ready For Processing and trigger a new task in the Reading List Task List, even if the professor doesn’t send the list to the library.  

    See: Configuring Default Statuses for Citations/Reading Lists

    How can we identify online content to replace physical reserves?

    Alma includes a job which will suggest electronic editions for physical citations, as well as FRBR related editions.

    We haven’t been promoting CiteIt! but now we want to start. What do we need to know?

    CiteIt! is a bookmarklet that instructors can use to harvest online resources into Leganto reading lists. CiteIt! may become a more critical tool for building lists as publishers are making more content available for free that may not be otherwise discoverable in your collection, and also as faculty may be including more non-scholarly content in their courses.

    Materials for Instructors:

    Training video on installing and using CiteIt!

    Configuration Options for the Library:

    1. Create a list of websites that will be approved/not approved automatically
    2. Set the above CiteIt! list as whitelist or blacklist to define if all resources from the listed websites will be automatically approved, or if all resources that are not on the list of websites will be automatically approved, or if none of the resources will be automatically approved
    3. Replace source URL on locate: You can configure whether the source URL is overridden by local repository information when Alma finds a match in the repository. In other words, if an instructor adds a citation from a publisher platform, you can have the link to that page replaced with the library link resolver options or physical holdings.
    4. Configure the customer parameter on_locate. (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > Settings). When set to overlay, Alma overrides the information in the citation with information in the repository after a match is found. When set to merge, Alma merges the information in the citation with the information in the repository (in other words, only missing citation information is filled in using information from the repository); when set to ignore, Alma ignores the information in the repository.
    5. To copy the CiteIt! source URL to the Notes field and remove it as a source:

    Configure the parameter move_source_url in the customer parameters table (Configuration Menu > Leganto > General > Settings) to all, on_locate (when citation is located), or leave blank to disable. When configured, the source URL is copied to the Notes field and removed as a source. Otherwise, the source URL displays as one of the availability links:


    How can I report on all “essential” items across all reading lists that are in print format?

    Identify all physical items on reading lists:

    Go to the Edit Citations task list (Fulfillment—Citations). Filter the task list as much as possible, based on your local configurations. For example,

    • Course Status: Active (currently being taught, based on the course dates in Alma)
    • Processing Department: as appropriate
    • Section Tags: Essential (or equivalent if used at your institution)
    • Citation Tags: Essential (or equivalent)
    • Export the list of Citations to Excel


    Review the Excel file and sort by the column labeled “Availability.” All physical items will be grouped together and the field will begin with “Availability: Physical version at…” You can delete all other citations.

    You may need to remove duplicates.

    ​The "Availability" column will include all your inventory, including print, electronic and digital inventory. If you manage different types of inventory on the same bibliographic record, you will see all of the relevant information. 

    P and E on same line

    You can use conditional formatting to quickly view citations containing electronic or digital items:

    Conditional formatting in Excel menu

    Conditional formatting.png

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