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    *Master* Oracle Tables Document -- List for Tables with No Regular Z-Table Doc

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct; Direct; Local; Total Care

    There's no file for the following Aleph tables in the Ex Libris Documentation Center > Aleph > Technical Documentation > Aleph Oracle Tables .pdf files....

    Z05, Z1003, Z110, Z114, Z130, Z131, Z17
    Z200, Z201, Z302
    Z50, Z51, Z53, Z54, Z55, Z56, Z57, Z59
    Z60, Z603, Z63, Z64, Z65, Z69, Z690
    Z900, Z95, Z950, Z98, Z980

    Is there information for these tables somewhere?


    Information for each table follows. Links to articles referred to below may be found in Additional Information further below.

    Z05: Temporary vir01 result-set table.  See Article 000043444 (“What is z05?”) and Article 000039215 (“Set shown in www_server log has not corresponding z05. [PRB 8291}”)
    Z1003: Article 000045486 (“What are the z1000, z1001, z1002, and z1003 tables?”)
    Z110: Temporary vir01 result-set table.  Article 000039215 (“Set shown in www_server log has not corresponding z05. [PRB 8291}”)
    Z114: Article 000041459 (“Description of z114”) and Article 000039067 (“z114 in CJK character sorting; obtaining z114; Web Utilities for maintaining”)
    Z130 and Z131:  Temporary vir01tables relating to searching 
    Z17: Obsolete as of Aleph version 16
    Z200: Temporary vir01 table used in ILL processing. See Article 000047071 (“VIR01.Z200_ID unique constraint errors”)
    Z201: Obsolete.
    Z302: Virtual patron table, combining z303 and z304 fields. See Article 000043286 (“What is the Z302 Record?”)
    Z50: Time stamp: for the internal manipulation of data and record locking processes (currently used to control z30 records). Note: must be defined in the file_list of the ADM (xxx50) library.
    Z51: Temporary vir01table relating to searching
    Z53: Obsolete
    Z54: Obsolete
    Z55: Not in use as of v17.
    Z56: ADAM session information
    Z57: Obsolete
    Z59: In 14.2: cataloger profile. Not in use as of 16.2.
    Z60: Article 000037308 (“What is the z60 table?”)
    Z603: Obsolete
    Z63: Web OPAC session table. Article 000036760 (“Can’t log into Web, ‘unique constraint (VIR01.Z63_ID) violated’ *MASTER RECORD*”) and Article 000039007 (“About HTML and Web Pages”) and Article 000046172 (“Can’t log into web after clear_vir01 was run”)
    Z64: WWW-X session table. Article 000033340 (“Z63_TIME, Z64_TIME, Z65_TIME”)
    Z65: GUI session table. See Article 000036887 (“What is the Z65 Oracle Table?”)
    Z69: Article 000039664 (“Z69 table: what is it? How populated/cleaned?”)
    Z690: Replaced by Z69 table in version 16.02.
    Z900: Article 000034237 (“What is the z900 table?”)
    Z95: The records of this table contain the list of words in a document. The ue_01 online indexing process writes the z95 records.
    Z950: This table has been removed and is not used anymore.
    Z98: A keyword index.  See article 000033948 (“p_manage_01: z98_id … unable to extend temp segment in tablespace TS3X”) and Article 000046511 (“ue_01_word: thousands of ‘IO_Z98 OP ERROR – WRITEN’ errors”) and Article 000037557 (“Z98/Z980 tables”) and Article 000042723 (“p_manage_01_e: How To Restart Load of z98”)
    Z980: A temporary version of the z98.  See article 000037557 (“Z98/Z980 tables”)

    See also Article 000036574 (“Which tables are index, temporary, And base tables?”). See link at the end of Additional Information below.