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    *Master record for search problems resulting from clear_vir01 problems*

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23


    This is a master record for search problems resulting from problems with clear_vir01.  The following articles discuss problems with:

               * z63 and web OPAC searching:

    * z65 and GUI searching:     GUI "License limit exceeded"

    * z05, z110, and both web and GUI searching:

              * z52 and problem with Z63 unique constraint violated:   Z63 Unique Constraint - WRITE ERROR; clear_vir01 hangs


    There is a potential for any of the following processes to interfere with the proper running of clear_vir01: www_server, pc_server, oclc_server, and batch jobs which do searches and read the z05 and z110 (such as, p_sdi_01, p_serial_52, p_ret_03, and p_print_04).

    Note: the z39_server and z39_gate also use the tables mentioned above, but if the the www_server and the pc_server specified in the z39_server.conf hostname localhost are down, this will prevent the z39_server and z39_gate from reading the tables.

    Since it is difficult or impossible to run clear_vir01 when one can be certain that there will be no interference from other server activity, we recommend that it be run with the server processes down.

    See KB 5737 (Restart Servers from job_list) in regard to stopping/restarting servers from the job list.

    In addition, you need to make certain that p_sdi_01, p_serial_52, p_ret_03, and p_print_04 don't run at the same time as clear_vir01.

    See KB 16384-24481 (clear_vir01 in hot mode or in cold mode?) in regard to running clear_vir01 in hot mode (with the servers up).


    • Article last edited: 2/14/2022