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    AVA field produced for both temporary and permanent location


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    If z30_temp_location = Y, if tab100 X852-ITEM-OVERRIDE-C = Y, and if this is the only item for this HOL record, the 852 field in the HOL record should *not* generate an AVA field. (As demonstrated in the scenario in Additional Information below, it is, incorrectly, generating the AVA field in this case, resulting in AVA fields for both the temporary and permanent locations being sent to Primo – when only the AVA for the temporary location should be produced and sent.) 

    (The program involved in this is expand_doc_bib_avail.)


    Replication Steps    
    usm01 bib record 000050246 is linked to these other records: 

    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 000050246 
    USM60 000050119 HOL 
    USM60 000050120 HOL 
    USM50 000050246 ADM 

    This is util f/4 for hol 000050119: 

    8520 L $$bWID$$cGEN$$hRTR45 

    And this is util f/4 for item 000050246-10: 

    02 z30_rec_key \ 
    03 doc_number ................000050246 
    03 item_sequence .............000010 
    02 z30_sub_library .............WID 
    02 z30_collection ..............JUD 
    02 z30_hol_doc_number_x \ 
    03 hol_doc_number ............000050119 
    02 z30_temp_location ...........Y 

    And these (as seen in util f/4 for bib 000050246) are the AVA fields produced: 

    AVA L $$aUSM50$$bWID$$cJudaica Division$$dRTR45$$eavailable$$tAvailable$$f1$$g0$$hN$$i0$$jJUD$$k0$$p3 
    AVA L $$aUSM50$$bWID$$cGeneral$$dRTR45$$echeck_holdings$$tCheck Holdings$$hN$$jGEN$$k0$$p1 
    AVA L $$aUSM50$$bWID$$cDepository$$dDep 123$$echeck_holdings$$tCheck Holdings$$hN$$jHD$$k0$$p3 

    The $$bWID$$cDepository AVA field is (correctly) produced for HOL 000050120. 

    The $$bWID$$cJudaica Division AVA field is (correctly) produced for z30 000050246-10. 

    But the $$bWID$$cGeneral AVA field should *not* be produced, since the only item connected to this HOL record has z30_temp_location ...........Y.



    This problem was caused by v22 rep_change #2245.  It is corrected by v22 rep_change #2340 (v23 rep_change #2031): 

         Description: Publishing X-service - When the "publish_avail" service is called with several doc numbers and one of the items is not OPAC displayable (according to tab15), then the other items are not properly displayed.

         Solution: This has been corrected.


    Adding an STA $$aSUPPRESSED field to the HOL record (-- but, with the program fix, this should no longer be necessary).



    • Article last edited: 28-Feb-2016
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