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Aleph 24 MFT patch

  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 24
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Local


The distribution of Service Pack has moved to MFT (Managed File Transfer). Ex Libris MFT provides a secure and reliable file transfer infrastructure to support the different Ex Libris products.

In Aleph 24.0.1 - the util SP is updated to use the Ex Libris MFT servers with SFTP with a new aleph 24 user.

Please note that these updates are included in the Aleph Service Packs, as Mandatory AIN.

* Aleph 24  -  SP 24.0.1. -  rep_change #0010



You can use the attached "aleph24_mft_sp_patch.tar" to implement the new MFT mechanism.


- Download the 'aleph24_mft_sp_patch.tar.gz' file to Aleph 24 server (you can use your $HOME directory).

- Extract by:        

tar xvfz aleph24_mft_sp_patch.tar.gz  

- Run the installation script:           

source aleph24_mft_patch_install.csh  
or by:     

csh -f aleph24_mft_patch_install.csh   


Additional Information

Note: port 10022 needs to be open for outgoing access to the Ex Libris MFT servers in order to enable the new mechanism.


Use aleph24_mft_sp_patch.tar.gz for installation from MFT server.

  • Article last edited: 13-Feb-2023


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