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    Aleph Publishing: Only 1 AVA field per Sublibrary despite multiple Collections


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    This problem specifically pertains to the expand_doc_bib_avail expand routine. The routine generates a single AVA field per *sublibrary* associated with the Aleph Bibliographic record, even though there are items/HOL records with different Collections for this sublibrary. This leads to a misleading presentation of holdings information in Primo. The AVA is formed from the location information from the first Collection's linked holdings records, and the second Collection is ignored. 

    For an example, our aleph bib record with system number 003092257 includes two holdings records with the same sublibrary. The published bib record expands the 852 field from both of these records correctly, but only includes *one* AVA. The end result is that only the "Main" copy is shown as a location in Primo, and users are unaware of the reference copy until and unless they click through to the Aleph Holdings page.

    From the "Aleph Publishing Mechanism" document:

    The information is presented in the AVA field which has the following sub fields:
    $$a: ADM library code 
    $$b: Sub library code 
    $$c: Collection – If there are several items in different collections in one sub library, only the collection from the last item is presented.


    This is corrected by Aleph rep_change v20 3695 (included in the February 2012 Service Pack). 
    New parameter "COLLECTION=Y" has been added to the expand_doc_bib_avail program

    PRIMO expand_doc_bib_avail THRESHOLD=200;AVA=YK,RE;COLLECTION=Y

    an AVA field is generated for each distinct collection ("GEN" and "ROOS"):

    AVA L $$aUSM50$$bWID$$eunavailable$$tUnavailable$$f1$$g1$$hN$$i0$$jGEN
    AVA L $$aUSM50$$bWID$$eavailable$$tAvailable$$f1$$g1$$hN$$i0$$jROOS

    See also the Powerpoint in the Documentation Center under: Aleph > Support > Aleph 21 Presentations > Publishing the sub library and the collection to Primo ...

    After making this change, the ue_21 publishing daemon needs to be restarted.



    • Article last edited: 12-Mar-2016
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