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    Aleph migration v22 - Staff privilege issues, double lines for INVOICE rights

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22


    Display of staff user rights for invoices are incorrect, lots of lines appear double (see screenshot in attachment).


    The problem is caused by the settings in xxx50/tab/tab48.lng where the different payment status are assigned.

    These are currently:
    ! 2 3 4 5
    E N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-A New and sent to ABAC
    X N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-A Blocked in Aleph
    L N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-A Blocked and sent to ABAC
    C N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-A Conforme aux faits
    S N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-A Confirmed and sent to ABAC
    G N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Generate Payment Request
    R N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Payment Request sent to ABAC
    V N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Create Payment Order group
    W N Y INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Pending in ABAC
    D N Y INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Cancelled in ABAC
    B N Y INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Blocked in ABAC
    J N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Future Recovery Order
    K N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R Closed Recovery Order
    0 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Transfer to ABAC not possible - incoherent status
    1 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Legal Entity and/or Bank account incorrect
    3 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Link between FEL and THP incorrect
    4 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Invoice date not smaller than Reception date
    5 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E No budget assigned
    6 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Invoice with zero amount
    7 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Credit note without link to invoice
    8 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Date in order log smaller than reception date
    9 N N INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-E Invoice and/or reception date is in the future

    The user authorizations in column 4 are not explicitly defined and therefore the lines in staff user access rights appear several times, e.g.6 times for "INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-A", 9 times for "INVOICE-HEAD-P-S-R" etc. Create definitely authoritzations in xxx50/tab/tab48.lng and adjust the lines in $alephe_tab/user_function.lng accordingly.


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    Category: Acquisitions (500) - ALEPH

    Subject: ALEPH - 500

    • Article last edited: 7/22/2014