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    Barcode search in xxx30PUB

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We have a site that has reported that the barcode search is not functioning in their Web OPAC for course reserves. I've asked why the PUBLIC would be searching by barcode ... and it's really the staff.

    xxx30 can find the barcode; xxx30PUB can not find the barcode .... Is there some reason that that is the case (note: I know that records NOT on reserve should NOT be findable by barcode; I'm searching by barcode for titles that ARE on reserve and they do not retrieve in xxx30PUB)

    When I search on the barcode you gave me (30565001992664) in abc30pub, I get no results.

    But when I search on other barcodes, such as 30565001897186, I *do* get results.

    The difference is that the second barcode is for an item/title which is connected to a course, whereas the first is not.

    The ABC30PUB base specifies that, to be included, the title must be connected to an active course:

    ABC30PUB Course Reserves ABC30 ABC01 ABC30 N (wpe=Sprin
    g or wpe=Summer or wpe=Fall or wpe=Winter or wpe=Yearly) not (wpe=NA or wpe=Non

    Later (after it was pointed out that the record could be retrieved by title):

    It's true that a title search on Kleppner's Advertising Procedure brings up the record in ABC30PUB, but since this record is not connected to a course, it should *not*.

    I agree that this is puzzling, but I'm *not* going to spend time getting barcode 30565001992664 to be retrieved in ABC30PUB.

    I suggest that you change the ABC30PUB base definition to that shown below. I believe you will find that the records retrieved will be what the staff want:

    ABC30PUB Course Reserves ABC30 ABC01 RCC30 N alldocumen
    ts not (wpe=NA or wpe=Non Active)

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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