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    Batch-loading hold requests into Aleph


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local



    Is there a way to batch-load hold requests into Aleph?


    There is no ability in Aleph to batch load hold requests -- except possibly the file-06 Service.  The SQL INSERT command might be used to do this, but there's a problem in the case of either file-06 or the SQL INSERT:  what value to assign to the Z37-SEQUENCE?

    The Z37-SEQUENCE is a 4-digit sequential number which is bytes 16-19 of the z37_rec_key, and which exists because there can be multiple hold requests for the same item.  If this is the fourth hold request which there has been for this item, then Z37-SEQUENCE would be "0004".

    Somehow you would need to determine what the highest value of Z37-SEQUENCE / Z37H-SEQUENCE is for this item, add "1" to it, and use that as the Z37-SEQUENCE.  (Note that this would require looking at not only the current z37 records but also the z37h history records.)

    The Ex Libris Professional Services might do the load of these z37's with proper Z37-SEQUENCE values, but that would be a for-cost project.

    Note: it might seem that the z37_status might be a problem, but, as described in the articles, What does ue_06 do? and ue_06 needed? ue_06 vs. p_cir_12 ,  z37 requests are always created with a status of "A", and it's the processing by ue_06 or cir-12 which changes the status to the appropriate value.



    • Article last edited: 22-Mar-2016
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