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    Batch deleting ADM records

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    We have many ADM records that we would like deleted. They have no items or orders attached. Is there a way to do so as a batch and still retain the bibliographic records?

    One thing you do *not* want to do is to run p_manage_33 in the ADM library. The article " Delete Bibliographic Records Including Related ADM/HOL Records (manage-33)": running in ADM or HOL library " (KB 16384-4982) discusses that issue.

    If the ADM's have items attached, then you want to use p_item_11: "Choosing 'Delete' will delete HOL and BIB records which were connected to the items removed, and are now not in use by any item...." See KB 5840.

    If there are no items, you can use manage-21, as described below.
    1. Use p_ret_01 or p_ret_adm_01 to generate a file of numbers of ADM records you want to delete:

        The manage-70 Service, which converts record numbers to different types, may be of use in the preceding.
    2. Connect your GUI Cataloging client to the ABC50 ADM library
    3. Select Services --> Catalog Maintenance Procedures --> manage-21 (Global Changes)
    4. Submit p_manage_21, as follows:
          a. specify the file of deleted items produced in step 1 as the Input file
          b. Select "Yes" for Update database
          c. As the "Line in Record -- Tag" enter: LKR
          d. Select "Yes" for "Delete field"
          e. Under "Add Field -- Tag" enter: DEL
                  For "Subfield and Contents" enter: $$aY
          f. Click on "Submit"

    The effect of this will be to remove the link to the bib record and to add a "DEL $$aY" field to the ADM record.
    We suggest backing up the ADM doc (z00) and z103 tables with p_file_03 or other means before doing this.
    The same procedure could be used to delete xxx60 HOL records.

    Note: You would never want to delete *bib* records using this method since it does not take into account possible linkages; you would use p_manage_33 for bib record deletion.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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