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    Bib info missing from particular overdue notice

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    In the output of a particular overdue notice from 6/26 there is no title.

    The following information appears in the $data_print report file for this item, showing that the title info exists:
    <z13-title>Greek Philosophy Thales to Aristotle</z13-title>

    Looking at the $data_print report file, we see that the "<bib-info>" line is empty for this item:


    while it is populated for other items.

    The "<bib-info>" lines in the ./abc01/form_eng/overdue-summary.xsl form are built by the ./form_fill/overdue_summary_xml program, which calls the get_bib_line_x program. This program reads the "overdue-summary" lines in the ./abc50/tab/bib_format table. In this case, we see these lines:

    overdue-summary 800
    overdue-summary-00 111
    overdue-summary-01 111
    overdue-summary-02 111
    overdue-summary-03 111
    overdue-summary-04 111

    In the case of an item connected to the abc01 bib library, the program will look at the ./abc01/tab/edit_paragraph.eng.

    In the case of an item connected to the abc30 Course Reserve library, the program will look at the ./abc30/tab/edit_paragraph.eng.

    While the abc01 edit_paragraph.eng has lines with 800 and 111 labels:

    !* Author-Title for Bib Inf on BILLSItems
    800 1#### D ^:^
    800 245## 9 .

    the abc30 edit_paragraph.eng has no such lines.

    We see (in util f/3/12) that this item is connected to the abc30 library.

    The solution is to add 800 and 111 lines to the abc30 edit_paragraph.eng.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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