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    Call number index incomplete after upgrade to version 16

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Ever since we came up on release 16 the call number index has been a mess. I would like to regenerate it, but would like some help figuring out why it is so incomplete now and what tables need to be changed to correct the problem before we schedule the re-indexing. The values in tab11_ind were not changed from what we used in release 14. The call number indexes in that release were just fine. Here is the call number section from the current tab11_ind in production:
    LOC0# LOC him
    LOC1# DDC him
    LOC3# SUD him
    LOC8# OTH him
    LOC## SHL hijklm

    An example of the problem can be seen with a shelf list or LOC browse search on the call number e175.5 The result brings up ten records for the call number beginning e175.5 A....
    A search on the title The Education of Henry Adams, however, shows there are thre are at least 51 records with the call number 175.5 A..

    The SQL query

    SQL> select z11_text, z11_rec_key from z11 where z11_text like '$$hE175.5$$i.A173%';

    got no results, confirming the fact that these call numbers were not indexed. After sending bib rec abc01 000494675 to the server, it *did* get a result and the record was retrievable by call number. This says that the tables are OK.

    Either there was a problem with the original p_manage_05 or the tables have changed since it was run.
    Running p_manage_05 to regenerate the Z11 corrected the problem.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013