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    Call numbers for Course Reserve items in My E-Shelf

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Items from Course Reserves added to My List (i.e. My E-Shelf) display with no call number or location information. Is the display information pulled from abc50/tab/www_tab_myshelf_short.eng for course reserve items?

    To see this, choose Course Reserves as your base (as opposed to the full catalog). Add a couple of items from Course Reserves to "My E-Shelf", then view "My E-Shelf".

    Although the records display in My E-Shelf (My List) according to the settings in the ABC50 library's $data_tab/www_tab_myshelf_short.eng table, the Call No's for Course Reserve items don't display because the Call Number is specified in that table to come from the PSTS field. Because these are Course Reserve records, they are "expanded" according to the specifications In the ABC30 $data_tab/tab_expand table. In that table, the "expand_doc_bib_loc_4_b" routine is commented out, so these records do not include a PSTS field. The Call No is present in the PST0 field, and that could be added to the "Call No" field's display definition, or the expand routine could be reinstated in the ABC30 tab_expand to produce a PSTS field.

    The Location doesn't display because it is coded to come from the ITMH pseudo-expand. This routine gets its information from the holdings and item records. But for Course Reserve records (the ones you included in the "My E-Shelf" entry for the test login, at least), there is no linked holdings record, just a link to an item record. So, ITMH doesn't find anything to display. This could probably be resolved by adding the PST0 subfield 4 to the Locations display (or the PSTS, if that is added to the expands). To get this to display, add PST to www_tab_myshelf_short.eng.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013