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    Cannot find BIB record" displaying order record when upgrading

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 17.01

    In upgrading to v17.01 certain acquisitions and item records have lost their link to the BIB record. (The GUI gives the message "Cannot find BIB record".) UTIL-F-3-12 shows that no BIB is linked to this ADM record.

    If we try to access the ADM, the system creates a second (empty) ADM record.
    Why does this happen?

    The "Cannot find BIB record" message occurs when the system looks for the z103 for the BIB record specified in the ADM doc record LKR $$b subfield and doesn't find it.
    This indicates that this ADM has become unlinked from its bib record.

    UTIL-F-3-12 for the ADM record confirms this:
    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 2169200
    END <i.e. No links>

    In this particular case there was a space problem at the time the abc50 doc records were being loaded and the z103 links were not be created.

    We were able to locate the range of records which had this problem and to run p_manage_12 for the abc50 for just this range (using the "Document Numbers to Update" Start and End parameters), specifying "N" for "Delete all records?" and for "Check Old Records".

    In the few cases where a second ADM had been created, this process resulted in *two* ADMs being linked to the BIB. The following SQL was used to locate these double ADMs:

    SQL-ABC50: select z103_rec_key, z103_rec_key_1 from z103 where z103_rec_key in
    (select z103_rec_key_1 from z103 where z103_lkr_type = 'ADM' group by z103_rec_key_1 having count(*) > 1);

    The cataloger was then able to successfully delete the new, empty ADM leaving only the old, correct, populated ADM.

    KEYWORDS: manage_12 p-manage-12

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013