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    Cataloging Module > Search Bar > Item Search Boxes and Call Number Search

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    We're looking at the new search capabilities from the item bar in cataloging. It seems the CALLNO search requires the user to enter subfield delimiters along with the call number. E.g. $$hAB1234.G4 The same is true if you choose the [...] button from the item bar here or in circulation. Is there any configuration I can do so that staff can just type the call number without worrying about subfields?

    The search options only function for values added directly to the right box. If you click “…”, the only search available is the first “Call Number”.

    CALLNO Search Rules (v16 up)
    [1] Enter a value in the right box.
    The default (see “Call Number Indexing” for other options) form of the search term should be: Call-No-Type(1char)+Full-Call-No(w/subfield-labels), e.g., “4$$h111$$iAAA”.

    If you leave this search format unchanged, you can make the user’s life easier by changing pc_tab_exp_field.eng.
    ITEM-SEARCH L Call Number (type+number w subfields) CALLNO

    [2] Select “Call Number” in the drop-down box and click the “…” button – Select a value offered. 2nd Call Number cannot be searched this way.

    2nd Call Number Search (v16 up)
    The 2nd Call Number can be used as a search value if it is entered directly in the search box (in v17 up, with “Call Number” selected the drop-down box). The same rules regarding type and subfields apply as described above.

    Call Number Indexing
    tab_filing_call_no - This table is used for defining filing procedures that can be used when building the filing key for item records. The key is stored in Z30-CALL-NO-KEY and Z30-CALL-NO-2-KEY.
    This table can be used to remove the type from the beginning of the call number and/or delete subfields from the indexing, among other options.

    Additional Information

    item bar, cataloging

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013