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    Deletion of Authority Records Not Linked to BIB Records

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    We are in the process of upgrading to Aleph v20 and would like to clean out our authorities database, prior to the upgrade. Our question is: Is there a way to delete authority records that are not linked to BIB records? Or to simply delete authority records from a file of system numbers? XXX01 has the service: Delete Bibliographic Records Including Related ADM/HOL Records (manage-33), where XXX10 does not have a similar service.

    Is there perhaps a sql query that we can use? Have any other libraries deleted large numbers of authority records?

    manage15 (p_manage_15) could be run in the xxx01 and xxx10 libraries to clean up the headings as they appear to the catalogers, but, if you really want to delete authority records not linked to BIB records, you could do this:

    > s+ xxx10

    set echo off
    set pause off
    set term off
    set show off
    set feed off
    set verify off
    set heading off

    set linesize 9

    spool aut.numbers
    select z00_doc_number from XXX10.z00 minus select substr(z01_rec_key_4,6,9) from XXX01.z01 where substr(z01_rec_key_4,1,5) = 'XXX10';

    spool off;

    This will give you a list of doc numbers of authority records not linked to BIB records.
    You can then append "XXX10" to the end of each line in the aut.numbers file as described in KB 8192-1591 ( ), to give it the proper form for input to p_manage_33.

    As noted in Articles 000040036 and 000038198 ( ), p_manage_33 can be run for the authority library. To do so, you would need to copy the ./aleph/a20_1/pcb_eng/menu-catalog-aut.xml to ./u20_1/alephe/pcb_eng/menu-catalog-aut.xml and add the lines found in the ./a20_1/aleph/pcb_eng/menu-catalog.xml to it:

    <display>Delete Doc Records (manage-33)</display>

    As noted in Article 000040036, p_manage_33 can *not* be run for an ADM or HOL library. ( ).

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013