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    Disabling the "Pay Sum" button

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Is there a way, either through permissions or editing files on a user's local workstation or somewhere on the server, to disable the Pay Sum button in the Cash window of the Circulation client?

    Given that we're a consortium that uses a single ADM, all consortium members have access to patrons' cash transactions, yet our policy denies one institution from paying fines from another institution. However, the Pay Sum button allows users to accept cash no matter what institution posted the transaction or which institution is paying.

    For example, say that John Smith owes $5.00 at Library A and $10.00 at Library B. John visits Library A and wants to pay his fines. Under our policy, only $5.00 can be paid at Library A; however, the circ desk staff doesn't notice this, clicks the Pay Sum button, and accepts $15.00 cash from the patron. This is what we're trying to avoid.

    You could Deny the "Patrons - Cash -- Transaction Pay" privilege, but this would also disable the "Pay Selected"....

    Though you can change the text on a GUI button, it is not possible to eliminate it entirely.

    The "Pay Sum" text is in the \Circ\tab\eng\window.dat file. You could change:

    UserCash.Btn.PaySum #P&ay Sum


    UserCash.Btn.PaySum #DO NOT USE!

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    • Article last edited: 3/5/2014