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    Display of patron list slower in v22

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22

    Problem Symptoms:
    The display of patron list in the GUI is slower in v22 than in v20 (or v21). It used to take a second or two, now it takes 4 - 10 seconds.

    Note: display of an individual patron via the "Patron Bar" box at the upper left is still 1-2 seconds.



    This problem has been corrected by v22 rep_change 2156.

    In order to improve the performance for the display of the Patron List, it is now possible to limit the number of lines displayed, by setting the new pc_server_defaults variable: display_lines_patron_list.
    Previously 99 lines were displayed. Now it is possible to set a value between 10 and 99. The default (and recommended value) is 20.

    Additional Information

    Implentation notes rep_change #2156
    1. Set the following variable

    setenv display_lines_patron_list nn

    The value must be between 10 and 99. The default (and recommended) value is 20.

    2. Restart the PC server (util w/3/3)

    Category: Circulation (500)

    • Article last edited: 6/17/2015