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    Do USMnn libraries need to be included in every xxx_STARTUP_LIBS?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Here is an example of the QUE_STARTUP_LIBS for every campus in our environment.
    There are over 46 databases invloved.
    Do we need to include the USMnn campuses in all of the QUE_STARTUP environments as we are currently doing?

    From aleph_start (all campuses both DEV and PROD)
    setenv QUE_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01 usm50"
    setenv WORD_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01 usm50"
    setenv REQUEST_STARTUP_LIBS "usm50"
    setenv ACC_AUT_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01 usm50"
    setenv MESSAGE_STARTUP_LIBS "$z105_library"
    setenv RLIN_STARTUP_LIBS "usm01"
    setenv SLNP_STARTUP_LIBS ""
    setenv SIP2_STARTUP_LIBS "usm50"

    As described in KB 6554, we recommend that each aleph a-tree include the USMnn libraries, but you do not necessarily need to have the batch_que and ue processes running for them.

    Each ue process which is started results in 2 processes (one for itself and one for the associated Oracle process).

    It is not necessary to have these running at all campuses. They can be started (via the util menu) as necessary. (This is true not just for the QUE_STARTUP_LIBS but for *all* of the xxx_STARTUP_LIBS USMnn entries in aleph_start.
    Note: The z105_library line should be left as "$z105_library". )

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013