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    Duplicate AVA / item info generated in Course Reserves Publishing

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph

    It seems that there is a change between fields from the xxx01 bibliographic record expanded into xxx30 record after upgrading from v18 to v20.

    In version 18, AVA fields did *not* appear for ABC30 records that are temporarily on reserve and where the full bib lives in ABC01. In version 20, in contrast, AVA's are showing up in the published record set.

    In our Primo implementation, Course Reserves and Main Library Bibliographic records match to form a dedupmrg record with characteristics of both source records. This worked well in v18, where AVA fields were grabbed only from the ABC version of the export record. Now, we are seeing duplicate item information because availability info is included in both records. Output of util/f/4 from both v18 and v20 is included inline below.

    The relevant expand section is identical for both servers.
    PR30 expand_doc_bib_avail THRESHOLD=010;AVA=BO,XC
    PR30 expand_doc_bib_accref_1
    PR30 expand_doc_bib_hol -001,002,003,004,005,006,008,010,02###,863##
    PR30 expand_doc_course Winter,Spring,Summer,NA,

    Note: we can not omit the AVA field entirely for abc30 because not all Course Reserves records are temporarily on reserve from the main bib library. Some are personal copies belonging to professors. In those cases, there is no bib record to match against, the item is *only* associated with ABC30, and we need to have the AVA.

    It seems that a change occurred between v18 and v19 in this regard. I'm not sure that it would be considered a bug, but I believe you can do the following to conditionally remove the AVA field....

    Add the following line at end of the PR30 tab_expand section:

    PR30 fix_doc_do_file_08 remove_ava

    (Though the inclusion of a fix_doc in tab_expand might seem irregular, it works.)


    ABC30> dt
    ABC30> mkdir import
    ABC30> cd import
    ABC30> vi remove_ava

    Then insert the following lines into the remove_ava file:


    This deletes the AVA field in the cases where there's no SID field or an SID field pointing to the bib library.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013