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    Duplicate Z308 IDs

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    We have multiple ADMs. We are moving to 16.02 and understand that there is just one patron file. What are the options; how should this should be handled?.
    [Also, you could have problems with duplicates in a single ADM library, in any version.]

    Prior to v16, each ADM library had its own Z303, Z304, and Z308 tables. One ADM could have exactly the same ID for a different patron as another and that was no problem.

    In v16-up, the Z303, Z304, and Z308 tables -- and a new table, Z353 -- are in the shared $usr_library.

    Despite the fact that there is just one patron file, you *can* continue to operate with separate records for each ADM library, if you so choose. The reason for this is that the "USER-LIBRARY" has been added as a variable to all of the affected tables. Thus, you could have a record with barcode 1234567 with USER-LIBRARY ABC50 and a record with barcode 1234567 with USER-LIBRARY XYZ50 without any conflict.

    If you choose (as some libraries have), to switch to a shared set-up (with blank for the USER-LIBRARY), then you should consider the following:

    ALEPH wants the Z308 IDs to be unique across the different ID types.
    Thus, if library ABC50 has a Z308 type 00 with key 0054321.
    and library XYZ50 has a Z308 type 02 with key 0054321.
    these will be treated as duplicates.

    The reason for this has to do with the feature of being able to enter any kind of ID (specified in tab_bor_id.eng as being applicable) when it asks for an ID in the GUI Circ or the Web. The staff and patron don't have to say that this a university ID or this is an ALEPH ID or this is a barcode.

    Thus, in all versions, it is best to operate with this principle: **Either make the ALEPH ID a different length than your university ID and barcode or assign a distinct prefix (specified in UTIL-G-2) to the ALEPH ID.**

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013