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    Duplicate cash transactions


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    In certain cases duplicate cash transactions appear on the patron's card.   

    Uncertain, but seems to be connected to the Renew All function, that is, cases where the patron or operator clicks "Renew All" a second time before a first click has been completely processed.  (As noted below, partial payments or partial waives create duplicate transactions but the system accounts for these properly in the amounts.)


    See "Additional Information" below for SQL to locate such transactions.
    The following is a workaround to avoid the problem of double cash transactions from OPAC renewals.

    Add the following change to html page $alephe_root/www_f_lng/bor-include-4 in order to prevent double click on the 'Renew All' link: 

    <td class="bar" align="center" nowrap> 
    <a href="javascript:replacePage('&server_f?func=bor-renew-all&adm_library=$5000&token_id=$9900');" 
    title="Renew All" class="blue"> 
    Renew All </a> 

    This  bor-include-4.txt  file shows the specific location of the above part within the file. 



    Additional Information

    The following SQL can be used to locate such cases (-- excluding the cases of partial payments and partial waives, indicated by a non-null Z31_RELATED_Z31_KEY_TYPE value-- ): 
    SQL> select z31_key from z31 where Z31_RELATED_Z31_KEY_TYPE is null and z31_type = '03' group by z31_key having count(*) > 1 order by substr (z31_key,52,8);
    {-- there should be no cases of z31 type '03' fields with exactly the same z31_key (that is, the same item, same loan number, and same returned time) -- with the exception of partial payments or partial waives.  The article Structure of Z31-KEY field [*byte by byte*] shows the elements of this field.}


    • Article last edited: 8-Aug-2016
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