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    Duplicate patron ID's *MASTER RECORD*

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    This KB record has been created to explain the cases in which Aleph considers z308 patron ID's (z308_rec_key's) to be duplicates.

    At the Oracle level it's the Z308_rec_key which must be unique. Oracle will not permit a "0155566677 USM50" if a z308 with this exact key already exists.
    But Oracle will not consider "0155566677 USM50" to be a duplicate of "0255566677 USM50".

    At the program level, ./check_record/check_z308_duplicate program checks to see if the Z308-KEY-DATA + Z308-USER-LIBRARY duplicates that of any other Z308-KEY-DATA + Z308-USER-LIBRARY, rotating through each Z308-KEY-TYPE.

    If a z308 0155566677USM50 exists for one patron, check_z308_duplicate will not permit a 0255566677USM50 to be created for another patron -- if tab_bor_id.eng column 5 is set to "Y". From the tab_bor_id.eng header:

    ! Note that it is possible to use more than one additional ID type as
    ! key to retrieve Z303 (Web OPAC and GUI).
    ! IDs that are NOT used as key to retrieve Z303 in the GUI ("N" in column 5),
    ! can be duplicated for different patrons. Duplication for the same
    ! patron is always allowed.

    **NOTE: If the z308's are for the same patron (the same z308_id), then the system allows the z308 to be created even though it shares the same Z308-KEY-DATA + Z308-USER-LIBRARY.** Thus, the same patron *can* have both ID's "0155566677 USM50" and "0255566677 USM50".

    As described in KB 5767, p_file_20, calling check_z308_duplicate, can issue a duplicate message.

    The GUI pc_cir_c0468 program can issue the following messages:

    * System ID already exists in central Shared User File
    * Barcode already exists in central Shared User File
    * Additional ID already exists in central Shared User File

    And the pc_com_c0121 and pc_com_c0158 programs will issue a "Key conflicts with central user" message.


    See also, the article "Can barcodes or other record IDs be duplicated in Aleph?"  :


    • Article last edited: 01/22/2016