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    Empty title in Brief Recs (sorted, z0101) for 245 with $$6 and filing indicator

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Elements defined in tab_z0101_text are not being populated with bib. data when the bib. field starts with $$6 and has a filing indicator of 3 or 4 (or any number greater than 2). As a result title is missing from Brief Recs for many Arabic records with parallel fields.

    To see the problem
    - Browse the author index for Kab?, Im?l.
    - Select Brief Recs for that author
    - Note the first rows are missing a title

    The 245 field in record 010116477 (one of the records under Kab?, Im?l) starts with $$6 and has a filing indicator of 3.

    Content of 245 in 10116477: 24513 L $$605$$aal-Majmu?ah al-rabi?ah ?asharah :$$bqawa?id imla'iyah /$$cru'ya, ta'lif, i?dad Imil Kaba.

    Title elements (including TITLE) in tab_z0101_text are defined as:
    245## afgknps g

    When 10116477 is saved to the server enhanced ue_01_a logging on lms03 shows that Brief Rec display text has an empty subfield $$g where the content of 245$$a should be :

    From the ue_01_a log: L-DISPLAY-TEXT= $$g. $$d2006. $$bBook.

    When the definition of the TITLE element in tab_z0101_text is changed to: 245## in order to get all subfields, the display text output in the log shows that the filing indicator is being applied to content in $$6 and also the first ‘$’ in the subfield a delimiter –i.e., the first three characters in the string since the filing indicator is 3.

    From the ue_01_a log: L-DISPLAY-TEXT= $$g<<05$>>$aal-Majm\305\253\312\273ah al-r\304\201bi\312\273ah \312\273asharah. $$d2006. $$bBook.

    Is there a way to drop $$6 content from the Brief Recs title?

    The tab_filing get_subfields routine can be used:

    ! - get_subfields: with col.4, use only the subfields listed, or
    ! subtract the subfields listed. Use "-" at the beginning
    ! of col.4 to subtract subfields.

    [From Harvard:] We have a way of working around the problem. A fix is applied to the ACC-BRIEF (in tab_expand) that deletes subfield $6 from the title.

    ACC-BRIEF expand_doc_type tab_type_config.eng
    ACC-BRIEF expand_doc_duplicate_field
    ACC-BRIEF fix_doc_do_file_08 briefrecs.fix
    ACC-BRIEF expand_doc_split_sub1
    ACC-BRIEF expand_doc_extract
    ACC-BRIEF expand_doc_join

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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