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    Expected Arrival Date of some serials too far in future; z16_delay

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    Problem Symptoms:
    Expected Arrival Date for current issues of some serials is more than a year from now. These need to be corrected.

    The interval between the z30_issue_date and the z30_expected_arrival_date for serial rec-key 000123456 is 400 days because the z16_delay in the subscription records is set to 400:

    xxx50@ALEPH20> select z16_rec_key, Z16_DELAY from z16 where z16_rec_key like '000123456%';
    **** Hit return to continue ****

    ----------------- ----------
    00012345600001001 400
    00012345600002001 400

    This value appears on the third tab {"Subscription Info (2)"} of the subscription record as the "First Claim" interval.

    1. Using GUI Acquisitions, reduce the "First Claim" value in each subscription record.

    2. Verify with the following SQL that z16_delay has been reduced:

    SQL> select z16_rec_key, Z16_DELAY from z16 where z16_rec_key like '000123456%';

    3. (In the GUI) delete the items which have incorrect Expected Arrival Date's.

    4. Recreate the items with the reduced z16_delay value, as described in > Aleph > Technical Documentation > Version 21 > Staff User's Guide > Aleph 21 Staff User's Guide - Individual Chapters > "Staff User?s Guide ? Serials", section 3.1.2.

    Additional Information

    The > Aleph > Technical Documentation > Aleph Oracle Tables > Version 21 > z16 pdf document
    describes z16_delay as "Number of days that elapse between publication date and expected arrival. Used for calculating estimated date of arrival for each issue."

    Section 2.6.1 ("Subscription Information") of the "Staff User?s Guide ? Serials" has the following on p .19:

    The First Claim
    Enter here the number of days after the issue date of each issue when you wish the system to automatically send a first
    claim to the vendor (only if the Send Claims option was selected). This field can also be described as the delay period
    from the Issue Date to the Expected Date of Arrival of each issue in the library.

    The second sentence means that -- regardless of whether "Send Claims" Yes is checked -- this value is used as the "delay period", after the Issue Date, in calculating the Expected Date of Arrival.

    Category: Serials (500)

    Subject: Prediction patterns

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013