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Field/subfield 700 $$e not searchable

  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
  • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



Certain 700$$e field/subfields are not indexed.  Searching for "printer" in the 700 index in GUI Search turns up only 39 records, but 

retrieval via ret-01 finds 418.  A search on "Former owner" returns 0, while a ret-01 search finds 387.



If you are searching a Word index, then column 5 ("Subfield(s) of the field for indexing") of the xxx01 tab11_word entry for the 700 

field will need to be changed to include subfield "e".   For example, change 
700##                    ad                   03     WRD WAU WSD

700##                    ade                  03     WRD WAU WSD 


If it's the Browse you want to change, column 6 ("Subfield(s) of the field for indexing") of tab11_acc will need to be changed to 

include subfield "e" for whichever of the 700 indexes you want it to appear in. 
Note that, when a minus sign ("-") appears at the start of column 6, that indicates subfields you *don't* want to be indexed. 

As it stands, the 700, subfield e, is not being included in any of these indexes. 


Additional Information


Test your changes by: 

* restarting the xxx01 ue_01 indexing daemon; 
* resending a record containing a 700 $$e to the server; and then 
* searching to confirm that it's been indexed and is retrievable. 

In order to make all the affected records be indexed, use the ret-01 output file as input to the manage-40 service. manage-40 will 

create a z07 indexing request for each record which will then be processed by the ue_01 indexing daemon.  ue_01's progress can be seen in the $data_scratch run_e_01.nnnn and run_e_01_word.nnnn logs. 



  • Article last edited: 08-Mar-2016
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