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    File-20: Z305-EXPIRY-DATE should be later than Z305-OPEN-DATE

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23

    After running the Patron-loader (file-20), the following error messages appear:

    *Error in the $alephe_scratch/p_file_20 log:

      Z305-EXPIRY-DATE should be later than Z305-OPEN-DATE

    *Error message in the ./xxx50/scratch/p_file_20 report:

      check_z305 routine failed. Can not ins/upd record.


    1. The Z305-OPEN-DATE is today's date (the date the file-20 run is occurring), and the expiration date (EXPIRY-DATE) is earlier than today's date.  Change the patron expiration date to be a date in the future:
    "The Z305 (local patron information) expiration date, (z305-EXPIRY-DATE) is taken from either the input record or from the ./xxx50/tab/tab31 column 14. If the z305-EXPIRY-DATE is blank, it defaults to the values defined in /xxx50/tab/tab31."

    2. The date has 7 characters instead of 8.  The date must be 8 characters long (e.g., 20180108).



    • Article last edited: 28-Feb-2018