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    How Do the PRIMO-AVAIL and PRIMO-FULL Extract Processes Work?

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    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    How does the PRIMO-AVAIL extract process work?
    What is actually extracted?

    NOTE: The PRIMO-AVAIL publishing set is of use/interest only to sites using OVL (OPAC via Link). It is obsolete for sites (as of 2013, the vast majority) using OvP (OPAC via Primo) and RTA (Real-Time Availability). Thus, the following can and should generally be ignored.

    In order for the availability to work correctly

    1. PRIMO-AVAIL records in z00p should be only the availability tags. That is, the p_publish_04 and tab_publish should reference PRM2 with only expands for AVA.

    2. You do have to do a full publishing run for All (or both PRIMO-FULL and PRIMO-AVAIL) with publish-04 in order to get all records into z00p. There will be duplicates of all records, but the second one (PRIMO-AVAIL) will be much smaller.

    3. Then, you export all records for PRIMO-FULL and also for PRIMO-AVAIL with p_publish_06. The first time you run it you have to run for ALL records.

    4. Changes to the records in z00p are triggered by differences in the record going through ue_01 and what is in z00p.
    So, changes to PRIMO-FULL records are availability changes plus bib record changes since PRIMO-FULL is bib + AVA.
    Changes to PRIMO-AVAIL records are only changes to the AVA fields -- that is, if an item is checked in or out.

    5. Subsequently, when you run publish-06 for "since last run", and the set is called PRIMO-FULL (or anything other than PRIMO-AVAIL), changed PRIMO-FULL records are detected and exported from the z00p.

    6. When you run publish-06 for "since last run" and the set is called "PRIMO-AVAIL", then changed PRIMO-AVAIL records are detected and a list of doc numbers is created, but then the PRIMO-FULL record is exported. This is because Primo requires the full BIB record for each load; there is no possibility of only updating a few availability tags in the PNX (Primo) record.

    The differences between the two export runs is simply in the set of records that is exported.
    PRIMO-FULL will export a set of records that have changed in BIB record OR in availablity status.
    PRIMO-AVAIL will export a set of records that have only changed in availability status.
    Both export sets export the same type of record content -- full BIB + availabilty info.

    If you want to use PRIMO-AVAIL, we recommend running a first complete PRIMO-AVAIL extract, which must be done on the full set of records, and discarding that set (it will only contain partial records). Then, see what the extract looks like after you have made some availability changes to records and run primo-06 with the "since last run" option.

    Alternately, we have found that some ALEPH-Primo customers have simply run PRIMO-FULL extracts on a daily or regular basis only.
    Also, ALEPH can't run availability exports with multiple BIB libraries, so in that situation, PRIMO-FULL extracts should be used.

    Additional Information

    See also Article 000037595 (Overview of Aleph publishing process).

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    • Article last edited: 3/5/2014