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    How To Print Recall Notice on Item with Multiple Recalls

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Handling multiple recalls / holds for a single item.

    The only way to generate automatic messages for each recall is to run cir-13. The correct setup for this procedure is:
    [1] Tab100 : UPDATE-RECALL-DATE=N
    [2] Run cir-13 daily

    With this setup, all Patrons/Loans with new Recalls should get a notice from the cir-13 run following the item’s return and re-loan. The Recall Due Date will also be shortened correctly for all patrons when there is an existing Hold Request With Recall.

    Return Note: To cause a system message to be displayed at the time of the Return, set .\CIRC\tab\circ.ini -> ShowRecallMessage=Y {in the "[Return]" section}. On Return of Recalled item, this will generate the following message window: “Item Return -> Item returned has been recalled.� [Note: I changed "guisys.ini." to "circ.ini" since that's where I see it on pages 77-8 of the v20 System Librarian's Guide -- Circulation.]

    Loan Note: In this setup there are two possible workflows:
    [1] At the time of a Loan with an existing Recalled Hold Request the Loan will not be shortened and there will be no letter generated to the borrowing Patron informing them of the Recall. The change in the [Recall] Due Date and the letter will happen only when cir-13 is run.
    [2] If you want to give the Patron an updated Due Date and a Recall letter at the time of the Loan:
    [a] Select the ALEPH -> Options -> Loan Options -> Display “Item is requested� Message. At the time of the loan this will cause a message to pop up: “Item Loan -> This item has been requested by other patrons.� This message warns the Circulation Librarian to check for a Recall.
    [b] Open the Item screen and select the Hold Requests screen. If in the lower, right pane the Recall Type field is equal to either 01 or 02, then a Recall exists. Go to the List of Items and click on the Recall button. This generates a Recall letter for the Patron and gives you the opportunity to adjust the Recall Due Date and Rush status, if necessary. If you use this method, then a subsequent cir-13 will not generate an additional Recall letter to this Patron.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013